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    A school before DA Empty A school before DA

    Post by Crystallized on Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:23 pm

    Hey guys ^^ Got an idea to write this story...its about Alex before he went to duel academy and will have a new character! =D Please don't post on this thread as it is just for the story purposes only...if you have anything to say please PM me, Constructive criticism is welcome...but please nothing bad, ok?

    Chapter 1: The Rainy day

    Two years ago before Alex came to Duel Academy….

    Alex’s eyes widened as a magical blast passed through his Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle’s defences and smashed straight into him, reducing his life points to zero. “Looks like you win again” Alex said with a sigh, a girl with light brown hair and brown eyes walked over and offered him a handshake, smiling ever so slightly. “Don’t worry… You will beat me some day Alex” The girl said as they shook hands “Yeah right… It’s going to take me years to beat you Michelle” Alex said grinning as he put his deck back into his holder, Michelle did the same as she placed all her cards from her duel disk back onto her deck. “So… Lunch?” She asked, smiling happily as Alex nodded, returning that same smile as they walked in the direction of the cafeteria.

    As the two friends sat down on one of the many empty tables of their school cafeteria with their food, Alex peered over at Michelle for a moment, sighing slightly as he took out his deck and began to flick through it. “What am I missing?” He thought to himself as he proceeded to look over every one of his cards. Michelle giggled as she watched Alex do this, he did this every time he lost a duel to her… And so far he had lost at least three times in a row. “Oh Alex, you just need to think of a good strategy instead of just throwing monsters out onto the field..” she said as Alex raised an eyebrow at her from across the table. “Hmm… I guess your right, after all you are one of the top duelists in this school” Alex said with a grin as the brown haired girl started to blush slightly from the compliment. “A-am not!… You know there’s a lot more people in this school better than me Alex..” Michelle said, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear as the bell began to ring, signalling for the students to return to classes. “Hmm… guess we better go then” Alex said standing up and walking over to where Michelle was sitting. “Yep, lets go!” she said standing up and smiling as they both walked over to class.

    After school had ended, Alex and Michelle walked over to their usual hangout…A simple clearing around the back of Alex’s house with a very large tree which they both liked to sit under. “So, Alex… Are you still planning on going to duel academy soon?” Michelle asked, looking at him as they both sat under the tree for shade. “Hmm… I guess so, I mean…Its always been my dream to go to duel academy and get better at dueling…” Alex said as Michelle sighed quietly so he wouldn’t notice. “Well… Then I’m going to go with you!” Michelle said.

    Alex blinked in surprise at this…He didn’t expect Michelle to say something like that. “Are you sure…? You’ll have to pass an entrance exam you know… It’s pretty tough” Alex said, looking straight at the brown haired girl who was now smiling brightly. “I’m sure, and if you can pass it… I’m definitely sure I can” Michelle said with a giggle as Alex grinned at her. “Hmm… I guess that’s true… Although, I think I got lucky with my exam…The person I was duelling wasn’t very good, Didn’t even know the difference between a spell card and a trap card” Alex said, laughing a small bit as Michelle grinned now as well “Hmm… Well, lets hope that mine is just as easy” She said, yawning slightly. “Are you tired?” Alex said, smiling and looking straight ahead of him, it was starting to rain and was now beating down on the ground all around the tree… Luckily the tree kept them sheltered from the rain. “Yeah… But it looks like we’re not going anywhere anytime soon” Michelle said as she yawned again, stretching out slightly against the tree. “Hmm… Well… if you want you can stay at my place tonight… My uncle won’t be home this week, so I’ve got the house to myself” Alex said smiling as he stood up to peer over at his house… it was only a short distance away, but there was no doubt that they would still get wet from how heavy the rain was. “Well, ok… But how do we get to your hou-” Michelle’s sentence was interrupted as Alex took off his jacket and put it over Michelle’s head so that it covered her from the rain, Michelle blushed and looked over at Alex who smiled down at her, not noticing her blushing face as he offered her a hand. “Ready to go?” He said as she took his hand and stood up, letting go as they both ran for the shelter from the rain that was Alex’s house.

    As they reached the safety and warmth of the house, both of them stopped in the hallway to catch their breath’s Michelle was still panting heavily after Alex had recovered from running so fast. “Umm… Are you ok?” Alex said, looking in Michelle’s direction, she didn’t appear wet from the rain, but his jacket was soaked. “Y-yeah I’m ok… J-just a bit tired that’s all” Michelle said with a slight smile as Alex took the soaking wet jacket off of her, putting it in the drying machine and turning it on. “Well… I guess I’ll give you the guest room, if that’s ok with you?” Alex asked, smiling as he led Michelle upstairs to a small room right beside his, she walked in and sat on the bed, taking her deck box off her belt and putting it on the bedside table. “I think im going to get some sleep, Thanks for letting me stay here Alex” Michelle said as she started to take off her shoes and put them under the bed. “Umm… No problem Michelle” Alex said, blushing slightly as he shut the door and walked into his room, lying down in his own bed and shortly falling asleep, in the other room, Michelle was fast asleep about a minute after Alex had went into his room

    Chapter 2: The letter

    Alex got up and stretched. “Ugh… What day is it?” He murmured to himself as he put his belt, deck box and duel disk on. ”Saturday” A voice chimed out from the other room causing Alex to peer around for a moment before walking over to the wall that connected the two rooms. “Michelle?” he said quietly, yawning and stretching out his arms a few seconds after. “Yes?” Michelle’s voice responded, followed by a few shuffling sounds and the sound of the door being opened… a few seconds later there came a knock on his own door “Can I come in?” Michelle said as Alex walked towards the door, slowly opening it as she stepped inside. “Oh so this is your room, Looks nice!” Michelle said with a grin as Alex yawned again. “Yeah its ok I guess… I wonder what the dorms will be like in duel academy though, I bet they will be great” Alex said, smiling as he thought about the dorms, before looking over at Michelle who was walking around his room. Alex’s room was fairly large for your average room, plenty of space to walk around, he had a single bed where his Bokken lay in its scabbard beside it, propped up against the wall by a stand. “So… What should we do today?” Michelle asked as Alex looked out his window, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly. Both their thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of their stomach’s growling… ”Uhmm… Maybe we should get something to eat first?” Michelle said, giggling slightly as she walked out of Alex’s room, standing in the doorway. “Yeah, would be best if we did” Alex said with a grin as he followed her, leading her down to the kitchen.

    After breakfast both of them got up from the table, Alex put all the dishes into the washer and turned it on. “Ok now that that is out of the wa-” Alex said, but was interrupted by the sound of his doorbell. “Coming!” Alex shouted as he ran to the door, opening it, he was greeted by the mailman who presented Alex with a small letter. Alex closed the door after thanking him and walked back into the kitchen. “Hmm… I wonder what it is” Alex said to Michelle, beginning to open the letter, reading it thoroughly as his eyes began to widen. “I-its from duel academy!” Alex stammered as he read the last part of the letter. “It says I’ll be going to duel academy in three days… ” Alex said as Michelle’s face turned from a look of happiness to sadness. “Oh…Umm, Congratulations Alex” she said glumly as she looked down at the ground for a moment. “Thanks, are you alright?” He asked as looked at Michelle. Of course she wasn’t alright… She didn’t want him to go just yet, Not until she was able to go with him… But that’s only what she thought. “Y-yes I’m alright… Guess you better get packing then… ” She said back as she faked a small smile. “Yeah, I guess so, I don’t want to bring too much but…” Alex said as he began to think on what to bring with him. Michelle sighed slightly as she looked over at Alex, she felt sort of weird inside… Sort of like her heart had skipped a beat, the raised her hand to put it over where her heart would be. “What’s wrong with me…? ” She thought to herself as Alex began to pack various items for when he left on the boat to duel academy.

    Later on in the day after everything was packed and Alex had rang his uncle to tell him the good news, Alex and Michelle walked back over to the clearing. “Umm… Hey Alex?” Michelle asked, slowly twiddling her thumbs as she looked in his direction. “Yes?” Alex answered, smiling as he was in the middle of stretching his arms. “I’ll have to wait until I leave school to go to duel academy… Won’t I?” She asked glumly. Alex sighed and looked up at the sky, a few clouds were rolling in, blocking the suns light. “Yeah… I guess so” He said, looking over at Michelle who sighed, looking back at him. “Well… Can you promise something?” She said, smiling at him, slightly blushing as she continued to twiddle her thumbs. “Hmm?… What is it?” He said, smiling at her, the clouds once again began to part and a few beams of sunlight shined down through the trees. “Don’t leave before I get there… Ok?” She said, smiling widely as Alex blushed slightly now as well. “U-umm… Ok I’ll wait for you” He responded after a few seconds of silence. “Ok, it’s a promise then” Michelle said, grinning as they once again shook hands.

    Chapter 3: Last days.

    The last two days passed easily… The same normal things happened as any other day, The two friends hanging around the clearing, talking and duelling… The only thing that was different was that Alex noticed that Michelle was acting sort of strange, twiddling her thumbs most of the time when they talked and blushing a whole lot more than normal whenever Alex smiled. Finally the day came, Michelle walked with Alex to the harbour where the boat was. “Guess this is it… ” Alex said, looking slightly sad, but smiled at Michelle who did the same, blushing slightly. “R-remember… Your promise.” She said, suddenly giving him a small hug, causing Alex to blush heavily. “I…. I wont forget” Alex said as Michelle let go of him, nodding her head as Alex boarded the boat, Waving happily as the boat slowly began to depart. Michelle waved back…There was a few things that Alex didn’t manage to see, One… Was the tear trailing down the girls cheek as he turned away and disappeared into the boat… The second thing was the three words that she mouthed silently to him right after the boat disappeared from sight… Those words that she was too scared to say when he was still with her, but will say when they meet again... One day.


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