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    Yu-Gi-Oh! - A Shifting Era (RP, Sign Ups).

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! - A Shifting Era (RP, Sign Ups). Empty Yu-Gi-Oh! - A Shifting Era (RP, Sign Ups).

    Post by Yuji on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:11 pm

    Just a bit of an idea I had, since part of me wanted to use these characters of mine, and thought, why not try something different...?. Even if IMO the plot sounds cheese and Generic, LOL...

    Plot: Dueling, an activity believed to be for fun and bring happiness to all those that play it, Certain big companies, however, see it in a different light, for years they have kept track of and recorded the many evils Dueling can bring, such as almost unleashing three monstrous beasts upon the land, awakening ancient evil which used souls to fight their longtime enemies, or even the almost breakout of war between Four different dimensions.

    They have labeled Dueling as a hidden weapon that could bring misery, despair, and even Armageddon to the lands were it to fall into the wrong hands, or awaken another ancient evil, as such, they have constructed both Dueling and Non-Dueling agents that have been ordered to seek out and "Eliminate" duelists all over the planet, with the news of them, came the construction of a rebellion, One which all who truly love dueling for what it is, and aren't afraid of fighting, have joined, determined to protect their favorite hobby as much as they can, hoping they can drive off this "Necessary Evil", and let dueling be all about being for fun and entertainment again.

    This will be the main bio, Like the Race part says, it's completely optional if you want to put it there or not, I just used it since I have a couple who are of different race than normal, sooo.....yeah, lol...

    (Optional) Race:
    Deck Type and Spirit (If Any):

    Main Characters:

    Name: Rei Verzeiht.
    Age: 16.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'5.
    Weight: 110lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-German Half-Japanese.
    Appearance: Rei.
    Deck Type and Spirit: Gishki/Ritua, and Ritua Emilia.

    Personality: Most of the time, Rei is polite to those who treat her politely as well, to those who would bad mouth her or her friends, she can be very smug and sarcastic, often times making cracks at the person to anger them into challenging her, and losing due to their anger. She, however, usually doesn't judge someone until they fully explain themselves, to hear their side of it, a trait that helped her befriend Mirai.

    History:  Daughter of a German Father and Japanese Mother, Rei doesn't really have that special of a background, she first discovered her ability to see Spirits when she was 12, and when she was 14, discovered a partner in Emilia, and best friend in Zai. She doesn't really seem to care that her family is wealthy, as she seems to spend more money on helping others than for herself.

    Name: Zai-Ling Shénmì.
    Age: 17.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'7.
    Weight: 120lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Chinese.
    Appearance: Zai.
    Deck Type and Spirit: Wyrm and None.

    Personality:  Due to her Job, Zai can be untrusting of those she first meets, However, over time, that unease can lighten up, as she learns to trust those she meets with often. Normally, she can be nice, if a bit hot-headed, and usually rushes things due to her dueling style, She's also confident in her Martial Art skills.

    History: Zai was born and raised in China, when she was 13, She and a couple siblings, An Older brother and older sister, moved to Japan, needing a Job of her own, she applied to be a bodyguard to a wealthy family's daughter, that daughter being Rei, she was accepted due to her skills in Martial Arts, ever since, the two have become close friends, despite her tomboy-ish attitude and overprotective-ness usually causing headaches for Rei.

    Name: Mirai Vermilion.
    Age: 15.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'4.
    Weight: 105lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Japanese.
    Appearance: Mirai.
    Deck Type and Spirit: Gem-Knights and Gem-Knight Lapis, Lazuli, and Lapislazuli.
    Personality: Mirai can actually be quite nice and caring. She's easily shy and is never open to causing physical harm to someone, and would rather just settle things in a Duel or by talking it out.

    History: More detailed version. Short version: Mirai grew up dreaming to be an idol, her wish was granted due to her talent for singing, however she suffered under an abusive Manager, one day she lost it and her "Other side" took over and killed the man, No one believed her story of it being self-defense, so "Lili" convinced her to run off, with her other side making it a thing to want to kill her Fans that betrayed her, eventually she met and befriended Rei who helped the two to live a normal life.

    Name: Millia "Lili" Vermilion.
    Age: Would be 19, but due to reasons she is now 15, almost 16.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'5.
    Weight: 113lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Japanese.
    Appearance: "Lili".
    Deck Type and Spirit:  lswarm and None.

    Personality: Lili is quite the opposite of her kinder counter-part Mirai, She's not afraid to share her opinion on things, even if it outright insults somehow, and feels no remorse for causing anyone other than Mirai Physical or Mental pain, even to the point of, when they were together, her taking over Mirai and murdering a few of her former fans, After the split, She more or less acts the same as before, but tones down her murder habits at Mirai's request, and becomes quite protective of the girl, due to them being sisters.

    History: More detailed version. Short version: Lili was actually Mirai's older sister Millia, at the Age of 4, she came down with a disease that was incurable, however she swore that even death wouldn't stop her protecting her sister, at that, her mother Ryouko sealed her away one night into her sister, hoping she'd help keep her sister safe, years later, she awoke at Mirai's distress, and eventually Rei helped to separate the two into two separate people.

    Minor Characters:

    Name: Zhǔ-Qīn Shénmì
    Age:  23.
    Sex: Male.
    Height: 5'10.
    Weight: 132lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Chinese.
    Appearance: Shares a heavy resemblance to his twin sister. Has dark brown hair tied in a pony-tail down his back with part of his bangs hanging over his left eye. Has red-eyes and wears a traditional Chinese outfit.
    Deck Type and Spirit: ??? and None.
    Personality: Zhu takes on the role of the mature, in charge older brother, however, when it comes to his martial arts training with Zai, he can be very strict.
    History:  Has no real special background.

    Name: Yin-Wan Shénmì.
    Age: 23.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'7.
    Weight: 119lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Chinese.
    Appearance: Ran-Fan.
    Deck Type and Spirit:  ??? and None.
    Personality: Ran-Fan is more eager to fight than her siblings, mainly due to her dream of wanting to be the best female fighter in all of China, But otherwise she's pretty kind herself, if a bit more harsh on her training with Zai.
    History: Like Zhu, has no real Special Background.

    Name: Wilhelm Verzeiht.
    Age: 37.
    Sex: Male.
    Height: 6'0.
    Weight: 168lbs.
    (Optional) Race: German.
    Appearance: Stands tall compared to his daughter and wife, is a strict-looking man with short, real dark purple hair and brown eyes, is usually seen wearing a Military Uniform.
    Deck Type and Spirit: Ancient Gears and None.
    Personality: Is very strict and harsh/ruthless, due to him being a General, However he isn't without his softer side, which is usually reserved for his Wife and Daughter.
    History: Has no real special background aside from serving in the Garman army and eventually reaching the rank of General, Meeting and Marrying his wife before he enlisted.

    Name:  "Tsurara" (Real Name Unknown).
    Age:  24.
    Sex: Female.
    Height:  5'6.
    Weight:  138lbs.
    (Optional) Race: German.
    Appearance: Tsurara.
    Deck Type and Spirit:  ??? And None.
    Personality:  Tsurara is often quiet and most of the time Stoic, she follows the orders Rei and Claire gives her without question, Like Rei she can be more of the Rational ones, often times solving issues with Logic over anything else.
    History: Not much is known about her background, but in reality, she's a soldier Wilhelm sent over to Japan from Germany, disguised as a maid, as added protection for his family, due to him believing that "Tsurara" is more than capable of keeping them safe.

    Main characters, Pro or An (tagonists) to show up later on:

    Name: Chelsea "Claire" Verzeiht.
    Age: 35.
    Sex: Female.
    Height:  5'8.
    Weight:  115lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Japanese.
    Appearance: Claire, Usually wears fancy dresses, but for a Casual attire, that.
    Deck Type and Spirit: ??? and ???.
    Personality: Most of the time she can be the kind, ideally sweet Mother, but at the same time, She can be smart and the leader type, due to her spending most of her time in the Study room reading, Due to her past, she can see both Duel Spirits, and spirits that are not of the Duel Spirit World.
    History:  Has No real special background, other than being a Shrine Maiden throughout most of her youth.

    Name: Kotori Anderson.
    Age: 17.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'6.
    Weight: 120lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-American Half-Japanese.
    Appearance: Kotori.
    Deck Type and Spirit: ??? and ???.
    Personality: Seems to be the opposite of Rei, As she at times can be quite Egotistical, and cruel to others, let alone being spoiled, but underneath it all, she can be quite nice and kind to her friends, that is, if some people can stand being around her long enough to become friends with her.
    History: Is the Daughter of one of the many Leaders of many companies who plan to eradicate Dueling from the world, Obviously due to her Fathers power and money, she has become spoiled into thinking she can do whatever she wants and get away with it, And has been tricked by her father into helping him with his goal of ending the Era of dueling.

    Name: Rose Akakawa.
    Age:  17.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'5.
    Weight:  129lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-American Half-Japanese.
    Appearance: Rose.
    Deck Type and Spirit:  Brotherhood of the Fire Fist and None.
    Personality: Most of the time, Rose is straight to the point, blunt, and doesn't seem to really care if her being blunt ends up offending or insulting someone, even if she adds "No offense" or "With all due respect" to her sentences from time to time. Despite this, however, Rose CAN be kind, and is seen to lose her temper quickly if someone were to insult or bring harm to Kotori in any way, Much to her best friends annoyance.

    History:  Rose was actually brought up in poverty, being one of the poor, and would sometimes be picked on by some of the more wealthy, Despite this however, Rose never stopped her Karate training. At some point in time, Rose was rendered homeless due to a lack of money, It was when she was near death of starvation did Kotori find her, she took her back to her house, fed her and offered her a place to stay, which was unusual for her due to her being so spoiled, Rose accepted only under the condition that she worked as her maid, as it annoyed her for someone to show her pity and try to take care of her when she was perfectly capable of doing so. It didn't take the two long before they became friends, For Rose to save up money for professional Karate lessons, and to become one of the top 5 best Karate users in all of America.

    Name: Asuka Ryomen.
    Age: 14.
    Sex: Female.
    Height: 5'1.
    Weight: 95lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-Japanese Half-Russian.
    Appearance: Asuka.
    Deck Type and Spirit: "Halloween Thrill" (Zombie Deck) & Isolde.

    Personality: A simple way to describe her, is Unstable, She can be pretty normal one minute, then outright crazy, hyper, or anything else the next minute, although the most common is flat out crazy or insane, Likely coming from her major addiction to any and all Scary and Horror related Media, with Halloween being like her Christmas.

    History: Asuka is the second and youngest child of the Ryomen family, and is Vincent's half-sister, due to them both having the same Father,  Asuka grew up normally enough, though unlike other girls, After seeing one horror flick, She became a fan and had to watch more and collect as much horror and scary media related things she could, be it movies, games, figures, or even Masks and the like that look like it came right out of a movie. Her love of dark and demonic things is reflected in her deck, which she constantly changes, for the better or worse, so she hardly has a set deck most of the time.

    Name: Vincent Ryomen.
    Age: 20.
    Sex: Male.
    Height: 5'9.
    Weight: 165lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-Japanese Half-French.
    Appearance: Vincent.
    Deck Typer and Spirit: "Heroic" and None.

    Personality: Despite his appearance and as a contrast to Millia, he can be pretty easy going, And at times often flirts with girls he finds attractive, sometimes just to mess with them and get a reaction, sometimes out of genuine attraction, He often does so to Millia when they meet just to make her mad. He can get pretty serious and defensive of his Comrades when the situation calls for it, though for some reason, it seems less so with his sister, as if there's some one-sided bad blood between them.

    History: Vincent being the oldest, means there was a time where he grew up without a mother due to her dying through an accident when he was young, the Headband he wears used to belong to his mother, And he wears it everyday as a way of thinking she's always with him, His choice in deck comes from him wanting to keep his comrades safe so nothing will ever happen to them, that attitude he seemed to have gotten from his mother. For some reason, he's distant and sometimes cold towards his current mother and Half-Sister Asuka, Possibly due to him thinking they're trying to replace the happiness his mother would bring him.

    Name: Zina Anderson.
    Age: 13.
    Sex: Female.
    Height:  5'1.
    Weight: 90lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-American Half-Japanese.
    Appearance: Zina.
    Deck Type and Spirit: ??? and None.

    Personality: Despite being a better Duelist than her Elder sister Kotori at times, she is still highly respectful of her, Most of the time in front of important people she's respectful, but otherwise, she isn't above teasing other people in good fun, knowing when to stop so she doesn't take it too far, she's quite Mature for her age.

    History: She's had a pretty average childhood, Wanting to hang out with Kotori whenever possible, but after a while, their Father seemed to try and raise her himself to fit the kind of Child he would want, to take over his "Plan" should he pass on or go missing, but her devotion to Kotori interferes with that plan, let alone being a bit too nice, and actually having Common Sense to know at times when she shouldn't do what she's ordered too.

    Name: Kanzen Kansei.
    Age: 21.
    Sex: Male.
    Height: 6'1.
    Weight: 135lbs.
    (Optional) Race: Half-Japanese Half-American.
    Appearance: Kanzen.
    Deck Type and Spirit:  ??? and None.

    Personality: His true personality is that of a calm, calculating man, with some occasional bits of both Ego and Arrogance thrown in, When pushed, however, he starts to rant on how perfect of a Soldier he is.

    History: One of the top Soldiers under the Duelist Elimination Unit, or, D.E.U. for short, made in such a way by constant experiments and enhancements applied to him by many scientists, due to this, his skin is always pale, his ears have become pointed, and he has become considerably stronger and faster than most other human beings, and most other "Super Soldiers" made.

    He's quite the Tactician, as most of the time he can fool his targets into believing he is an ally, before he betrays them and captures them, Hardly anything ever breaks his cool personality, and due to him being one of, if not THE, top soldier, He believes himself to be the perfect soldier, making it obvious the experiments and enhancements have also enhanced his Ego...

    -Obviously no God-Modding, something I admit to be guilty of in the past, but have learned since then.
    -No Multi-Posting in a row either, if you forgot something or need to add something, just edit your post please.
    -Methods other than Dueling CAN be done, however like always, You may not do something to someone else's character without their consent, No say "X punched Y", instead, it'd be more like "X swung a fist at Y, intending to punch him/her if he didn't block or dodge it" or something.
    -Any and all types of decks are allowed, Normal/Effect, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual, Pendulum, Any such deck.
    -To go with the deck thing, if you have a deck you want your character to use, and someone else's character is already using it, then you don't HAVE to think of a different deck, just try to contact that person and ask if there would be a problem in you using that type of deck as well, And go from there, I'd like people to choose what they like and have fun with this.

    -For Duels, You CAN have them in the RP itself with your characters decks, However, it's best to do this method with your own characters against another character of yours, as otherwise it'd be hard to tell if one intends on cheating or not, The more reccomended method for People dueling each other, would be to use Dueling Network when both players are on at the same time, and have the next post be the result, An example, One character challenges another to a Duel, Both people have a duel with their characters Deck on Duel Network, whatever the result is, you reflect in the next post, such as if Character X won, Character Y will act as if he just got beaten, If I explained this clear enough, lol...

    Will update if I forget things...

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