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    Gear Meteor (Introduction/Sign-Up)

    Charmer Mod
    Charmer Mod

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    Gear Meteor (Introduction/Sign-Up) Empty Gear Meteor (Introduction/Sign-Up)

    Post by CriticalHit on Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:50 am

    Hi there, Charmer Forum!
    Since we've been mostly... inactive, I decided to launch my own Role-play, who was stagnating in my head since a while, in hope of sparkling some interest. The RP will start up when at least two other members sign up in this topic. Just tell which character you'll use, it'll be enough to fetch in the "Character Bio" topic.

    Since I'm quite a bit.. eccentric, to say the least, even the introduction is role-playing. If you don't understand, well.. ask.

    (fun fact : every command in this introduction is supposed to be a valid Linux command. Also, the same prompt can be displayed, if you know what to do. If you guess, you win cake.)

    >[rachel@vanellope /home]$ cd /
    >[rachel@vanellope /]# ls
    > bin boot dev logs users var root sys prog backup
    >[rachel@vanellope /]# cd /logs
    >[rachel@vanellope /logs]# ls
    > dmatter.log darmeddragon.log academia.log
    > gearmeteor.log noodle.log dpuppet.log dsword.log
    > glitch.log fakejune.log child.log them.log
    [rachel@vanellope /logs]# cat gearmeteor.log
    > In 20██,
    > ██x ██y,
    > A puzzling meteor fell.
    > Energy readings are off the chart,
    > But do not seem to have any adverse effects.
    > The investigation team sent
    > recovered strange gears.
    > Researches are still under way to understand the source of this energy.

    > No more energy is being released.
    > Why is unknown.

    > ADDENDUM 2
    > Organic beings in the vicinity of the meteor
    > Are reported to have disappeared.
    > Investigation team
    > still hasn't came back.

    > ADDENDUM 3
    > Energy readings
    > Are off the chart again.
    > Rifts in space are theorized to happen soon.
    > Data is insufficient to determine to where.
    Turaga Picazo
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    Gear Meteor (Introduction/Sign-Up) Empty Re: Gear Meteor (Introduction/Sign-Up)

    Post by Turaga Picazo on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:42 am

    I'm in I'll use Michael I just posted

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