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Forum for the fans of the Elemental Charmers/Spirit Envoy\'s from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game.

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    [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore!

    Will Lair
    Will Lair
    Charmer Admin
    Charmer Admin

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    [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore! Empty [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore!

    Post by Will Lair on Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:07 pm

    For all Charmer Fans here in the forum!

    I have decided to create two new tournaments for us to fight each other to death in! (Yeah, apparently you can die twice...)

    These tournaments are called Charmer Singles and Spirit Envoy Glore. They both have their theme around charmers but have different ways of playing. In this topic I will be explaining the rules for Spirit Envoy Galore (DUH!), if you want to see what the Charmer Singles tourney is about, click right HERE.

    Now this is where things get interesting.

    Spirit Envoy Galore is a tournament where all contestants must use all six Elemental Charmers in their decks you may use any strategy you want to use as long as it's based around our beloved charmers. Unlike Charmer Singles, duels in this tournament are match duels. This tournament is played in Traditional format which means the use of forbidden cards is allowed. All duels must be recorded for they will be uploaded to our forum's YouTube Channel[


    • The tournament will be played in TRADITIONAL format, which means you will be able to use forbidden cards with a limit of 1, limited and semi-limited cards are still counted as such.
    • Decks can have up to 60 cards in the main deck and 15 in the Extra-deck.
    • Side-decking is allowed but it cannot be modified once you submit your entry.
    • You may side-deck before every encounter, keep in mind the rule above.
    • Each deck must have the Elemental Charmer and/or their Familiar-Possessed form.
    • Even though forbidden cards are allowed, decks must use Charmers as their base strategy.
    • Rules may be subject to change.



    DN NAME:
    DECK SNAPSHOT LINK: (this is to prevent modifications to the side-deck during the tourney)
    Charmer Lover
    Charmer Lover
    New Charmer
    New Charmer

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    [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore! Empty Re: [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore!

    Post by Charmer Lover on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:12 pm

    My fav charmer is Hitta
    Will Lair
    Will Lair
    Charmer Admin
    Charmer Admin

    Posts : 114
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    Age : 27

    [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore! Empty Re: [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore!

    Post by Will Lair on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:28 pm

    Please refrain from Double Posting and going Out of Topic, this is a topic for a yugioh tournament, if you want to talk about your favorite charmer do so here: CLICK

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    [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore! Empty Re: [TOURNAMENT] Spirit Envoy Galore!

    Post by Sponsored content

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