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    The Trio's Story...

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    The Trio's Story... Empty The Trio's Story...

    Post by Yuji on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:49 am

    I'd put the term for four of them, but I is stupid and know not that, LOL.

    Anyway, serious talk now, more or less a story on Rei Verzeiht, Zai Shenmi, And Mirai Vermilion, and technically Lili as well.., forewarning, it's long, also, obvious Language, suggestive themes, and obvious violence XP.


    Running away, that was what the girl had become accustomed to, She had no choice, the girl had no real home of her own, she had no more money to spend, she had to take food as stealthily as she could, and whether she was caught or not, she’d run as a precaution, She had been caught this time, and was running from about three or four people giving chase to her, The girl with lavender blue hair turned a corner, nearly bumping into two other girls in her quest to get away.

    “I-I’m sorry, please e-excuse me...!” She stammered as she ran past them, seeming to head in the direction of a nearby by abandoned factory building, the taller of the two girls, a girl with Light blue, short hair with a Yin-Yang hair clip in it, and red eyes, arched a brow in confusion, Said girl wore a Orange Chinese dress, blue, fingerless gloves with a dark, skin-tight sleeve on her left arm. On her right arm was a Dark Blue Lightning Bolt tattoo, she also had a slightly larger than normal folding fan attached to her hip. On her glove was a custom pocket to hold her dueling deck.

    “The hell was she running from, Rei...?” The girl wondered, the slightly shorter girl next to her, Rei, shrugged her shoulders. Rei was a dark-skinned girl with long purple hair, and blue eyes. She wore a dark gray dress, that had blue lining running down the middle just below her chest,  with a matching colored vest over it, that had thin red and gold stripes running along the inside and bottom of it. Her dress was split near her waist so you could see a teal one beneath it. One of her sleeves was rolled up, and there was an odd blue symbol on the white collar of her vest.

    “I do not know, Zai, but perhaps this little group could inform us...?” She spoke, at that, the other girl known as Zai turned her attention to the angry people glaring at them, likely cause they cut them off, Zai took a slight fighting stance in response.

    “Hold, Zai, Pardon us, what is the reason for you to give chase to that girl...?” Rei spoke, the apparent “leader” of their little group, an older man, stepped forward.

    “That stupid bitch stole from us yet again...!, We’re fed up with it and we’re gonna punish that brat for it...!, Now step aside...!” The man demanded, Rei simply gave a chuckle.

    “Punish a possible homeless girl for stealing food, her only way to survive, yes..?, Is that what this world has come to..?, How about this?, You can either Allow me to pay you in her stead, Or my best friend Zai here, can send you packing if you continue to pursue her...~” She spoke, already pulling out a little wallet from her left pocket, her Deck seeming to be in her right, the group was surprised to see the amount of money the girl was carrying.

    “Trust me, My siblings and I were born, raised, and trained in China, I could easily wipe the floor with you guys, take the money...!” Zai’s threat seemed to work, as the older man agreed to be paid in return, as the group walked off, Rei glanced back at the building she guessed the girl had run off to.

    “Now then, perhaps we shall see if we can help that girl, Nein?” Zai just gave a nod to her friends words, and followed her. As they neared the building, they could hear the girls sobs and sniffles.

    “H-How much longer can we e-even last like this, Lili...?, I c-can’t take this much longer...!” The girl cried, Now that Rei could get a closer look, she noticed the girl was wearing a dark magenta shirt, that had a tear across the chest and right sleeve, while the entire left sleeve was gone, it also had a star on it’s center where the tear was, and seemed to be coated in blood. Her dark blue pants also seemed to have a majority of the left leg gone, along with wearing a tan, elbow length glove on one arm and a gray glove on the other, also having a tan belt on with what looked to be a Duel Deck holder on it.

    What mainly caught Rei’s attention, was her expensive-looking headphones, the orange Musical Note mark on her exposed arm, the necklace thing around her neck, and the folded up blade thing lying on the floor next to her, yet as far as Rei could see, she only saw the one girl, No sign of this “Lili” person anywhere.

    “Excuse me, Miss?, Is everything alright...?” Rei spoke as she walked into the building, the lavender blue haired girl immediately jump back against the wall, her Heterochromia eye, The left being a yellow-gold color, while the right was green, widened in fear.

    “P-Please don’t hurt me...!, I-I’ll give it all back, I-I was just so hungry...!, I couldn’t take it!, Please!” The sight of the girl panicking and tearing up so easily really got to Rei, she felt a mixture of emotion, Confusion at her panicking, Anger at those shop keepers, and even sad cause she felt bad for the poor girl.

    “Please calm down, I am not with those Idioten’s, My name is Rei Verzeiht” The girl paused, laughing in embarrassment.

    “Excuse me, My mother is Japanese while my father is German, which would make me half German, so forgive my moments of saying these in my other native tongue...!, Anyway, This is my bodyguard and Best friend Zai Shenmi, she is of Chinese descent, as you can tell by her attire” She felt a little better when she saw the girl nod in understanding.

    “Her, Rei, you see if you can talk to her, I’ll be listening while watching the door, K?” Zai merely turned and leaned on the door frame as Rei walked over to her, the other girl still being heavily afraid, despite them not meaning any harm.

    “So, Miss, would you allow me to know your name...? “Rei spoke kindly, moving to sit and lean against the wall she was backed up against, the girl gulped nervously, slowly moving to sit back down.

    “U...Uh, Um, I-I’m Mirai Vermilion” She replied, Rei sighed in relief, little by little, she was getting her to speak at least.

    “Ah, So, Mirai-chan, would you mind telling me why you stole from those idi-Er, Jerk’s...?” She asked, it took Mirai a moment, but she finally responded.

    “Um, I h-had no money, not even a home, So, I h-have to take it whenever I get the chance, I u-used to be able to freely buy as much f-food as I wanted, but I can’t a-anymore...” Homeless, Rei unexpectedly hit the nail on the head, she couldn’t imagine how that must feel, coming from a wealthy family, but even so, she chose to willingly hand over some money to those in need whenever possible, she liked being helpful to others.

    “And why is that?, If you do not mind me asking...” Rei could see the girl bite her lip, obviously it must’ve been a sore subject, she was about to say something else, but the girl shifting the weird necklace to her face stopped her, on closer inspection, it looked like a piece of a shattered mask, as it had a black, curved upwards shut eye on it, with an elastic black band holding it to her head, unexpectedly, the shy girl now gave her a evil look.

    “And what does it matter to you why?, Oh I know, just so you can mock us after we tell you why, just like all the other rats!” She snapped out, this response startled Rei.

    “M-Mirai?, Are you alright?” The girl laughed in response, propped herself up on her left arm.

    “Not right now sweet heart, That “Lili” you heard her speak of is me, You could more or less call me her negative emotions brought to life within her...!, Also...” The girl suddenly got a wide grin on her face, holding up the weird blade next to her, now showing it had blood on it.

    “The culprit of Producer Hiko’s Murder, along with the few other murders around this place of those that would often go to the Idol Lili’s performances!” She spoke, Rei’s eyes widened in alarm at that, she had seen the news stories on TV about the murders, but the Culprit would somehow almost always get away without leaving a trace of evidence, save for the Hiko case, where it was said to be a case of self defense, but as she had seen around town, most people didn’t buy that.

    “Y-You’re the one..?, But, why..?, What could be your reasoning behind all of this...?” She questioned, the girl tapped the dull end of the blade against her chin, still grinning.

    “Ha, those trash turned their back’s on Mirai, after a freaking COP explained it was self defense, So all I did, was turn my back on their pleas for their lives as I took them over and over as revenge...~” She replied,  Rei couldn’t believe her ears, shaking her head, she spoke.

    “Tell me the entire story, I wish to hear it all in detail, For I still don’t understand your reasoning in the murders of those innocent people...!” She demanded, “Lili” sighed in response, rolling her visible eye.

    “Ugh, I hate long stories, but fine, if you like the others don’t buy it, I’ll just kill ya anyway....Now then, how to start...”

    9 Months Ago

    She was here, she was finally here, Mirai was good at the track, but she was an even better singer, she dreamed of being a famous singer and idol, and after so many months, she finally achieved it, part of her couldn’t be happier, the part of her on stage, Off stage, however...

    “AGAIN you’re late!,How many more times will you continue to do this?!” A male voice snapped, the back of his hand coming in contact with Mirai’s cheek, sending the girl to the ground, her hand moving to cover the stinging spot, tears welling up in her eyes.

    “I-I’m so sorry, p-please forgive me...” She spoke, her Manager and Producer, Hiko, a man with dark brown hair, blue eyes and wearing a black suit with glasses, sighed in an irritated way, glaring down at the girl.

    “Just get your worthless ass into the changing room and get ready to perform...”  He spoke coldly, Mirai sobbed and nodded, standing and moving over to the dressing room.

    Again and again, This was becoming the norm for Mirai now, as soon as she did something wrong, she get yelled at or slapped, depending on how “severe” what she did wrong was, she already had two scars on her arm and one on the back of her hand, which she now kept covered with a tan, elbow length glove.

    “W-What did I do to deserve this...?, Is t-this really what I dreamed for...?, Is this how Idols really live...?” She muttered to herself as she finished changing into a black dress, walking out, she saw Hiko standing nearby glaring in her direction.

    “Done?, Get out there...”

    “Yes sir...” She muttered, walking towards the stage.

    This had been happening for a while now, she tried to tell others, but apparently the man gave of a kind-hearted appearance in front of everyone else, it was so good a act no one ever doubted him, at the same time, her trying to expose him only seemed to fuel his anger towards her, resulting in harsher punishments, three of which causing the scars on her arms.

    At times, she could feel utter hatred for him boiling inside of her, but it would soon pass as she would go onto stage, and put on her act to please all the fans who came to see her. At times she would try to see if her fans on the internet would believe a rumor of Hiko being abusive to her, but none of them listened or would pass it off as someone trolling or hating.

    She would consider quitting, but her fear of what Hiko would do made her reconsider, she hated this, this isn’t what she wanted when she dreamed of being a idol, she just dreamed of living a happy life while using her songs to make others happy, but Hiko was practically ruining that at every corner, he acted as if a simple mistake could cost him to lose one of the few idols who put up with him...

    It all seemed to go further downhill about 6 months later, while performing on stage, she had suddenly collapsed due to fatigue, causing the fans and the staff to panic, Hiko was the one to rush out and bring her backstage, telling others to leave her to him, he shook her by the shoulders and continued to snap at her until she woke up.

    “You stupid-ass bitch!, What the hell was that about?!” He snapped, he reared his arm back, she could tell that this time, it would be a punch instead of a slap, panicking, the girl grabbed a nearby mask and held it up in defense, causing his fist to come into contact with it and shatter all but the upper right eye, the shards put cuts in his hand, and cuts around Mirai’s right eye, thankfully missing the eye itself, a couple shards manage to cause a couple tears in her shirt too. His rage boiling over, he kicked the chair out from under the girl, causing her to fall to the floor.

    “You rotten WHORE!, I’ll make sure you’re of SOME use before I kick you out of here for GOOD!” The girl panicked and tried to get away, but he got a grip on her left sleeve and pant leg, him trying to pull and Mirai trying to get away, caused them both to tear off, still infuriated with her resistence, he got closer and held her up by her collar.

    “Quit freaking struggling and accept your fate already!” He snapped, her hand was over her injuries, trying to keep the bleeding down, while her other eye landed on a nearby knife that would normally be used to open up boxes.

    ‘Grab it, Stab him, smash his freaking skull in, rid the world of this shit!’ She could hear in her head, She didn’t want to, she hated the thought of ending someone’s life, it never sat right with her, no one should have their life taken like that, right...?.

    ‘Oh, so you’re perfectly fine with him raping the hell out of you before throwing you out on the street like old garbage?!, HUH?!, ARE YOU?!, Are you that weak girl?!’ The voice persisted in her head, she tried to ignore it, but it kept coming back, over and over again.

    “Finally stopped resisting huh?, Good girl...” Her eye opened in alarm as she saw his hand approaching, before it even got close, she gave up, something in her just snapped, her arm reached out and picked up the knife, before swinging it around and stabbing the man in the eye, causing him to yell out in pain and drop the girl.

    Said girl grabbed the remaining piece of mask on the floor, and after a few minutes of work, tied it around her injury.

    “So, this is how you reward you’re idols huh?, They make the slightest bit of a mistake, and you yell at them, beat hem, abuse them, and in the end, rape them then throw them out, huh...?, It’s scum like you that needs to be wiped off this miserable planet...” Came her voice, being slightly lower in tone than before, the man glared at her with his one good eye as she turned to face him.

    The blood that spurted from his injury when he held her, seemed to land on part of her face, causing it to nearly cover the left side of her face and part of her hair, the girl held the weapon in her gloved hand, a shadow seemed to cover the upper part of her face as she walked closer to him, a twisted smile on her face.

    “You bi-“ He was cut off as the girl had suddenly moved in front of him, with her arm at his throat.

    “Save it, I’ve heard enough out of that mouth of yours, perhaps I should take away your ability to speak by cutting out your tongue...~?”  She laughed, slashing the blade across his cheek, leaving a cut, she did this a couple more times across his chest, before throwing him to the ground.

    “Ahahahaha!, C’mon now, make this a bit more entertaining...~!” She spoke in a singing tone, for once, Hiko felt true fear as the girl neared him, kicking him in the stomach when she was close enough.

    “Do this, Do that, Sing here, Sing there, Say this, Say that, I do all the work, and Never. Ger. Any. RESPECT!” She raised her foot, and brought it down right where it hurts the most, causing a soundless scream to come from the mans mouth, seeming to make the girl laugh more at that.

    “Aw what’s wrong?, Did that hurt...~?” She leaned over and slashed him a couple of more time, before kicking him in the side, causing him to fall over onto the ground on his back, the girl moved to stand over him, her foot stomping hard on his already injured and bleeding hand, the man gave a weak glare up at her, looking into her eye, he could see no remorse or anything else of the like.

    “I’m fed up with everything and everyone, None of you truly care for her, do you...?, She’s honestly sick of being treated as nothing but a tool for you to make money, Mirai hardly even gets paid as much as idols are supposed to, Now, I hope you enjoy your stay in HELL!” were the last words he heard, before she drove the knife straight down, into his chest, and through his heart, killing the man instantly, but that didn’t seem to please her, as she yanked it out, and continued to stab the man over and over.

    “You, Rotten, SCUM!, Why?!, Why did you treat her like this?!, You’re FILTH!” Eventually, her ranting and yelling got the attention of the staff who worked with them, a girl with long brown hair ran over and managed to get her off of him.

    “Mirai!, What’re you doing?!, Stop this...!”

    “Get off of me, Lana!, You don’t know how this scum treated u-me!, He deserves this...!!” She snapped back, all the thrashing around caused her “mask” to slip off and fall around her neck, causing her thrashing to soon cease, her angry yelling replaced with silent sobs and tears, apparently Mirai had regained control, Lana sighed and tried to comfort the girl as best she could, while some others were calling the authorities, and trying to get what happened out of her...

    Next Day

    “So, you’re saying it was self defense...?” Mirai nodded at the officers words, her head hung low.

    “D-Despite the way he acts, M-Mr. Hiko never t-treated me with respect, He would’ve r-raped me and threw me out onto the streets if....I hadn’t done that, I didn’t want to kill him though!, I-I just, lost control...” She replied, the dark green-haired man sighed as he leaned back in his chair.

    “Truth be told, I never liked that dick either, At one point in time, I fell for his act, One night I came by to invite him to drinks, and saw the way he treated his last Idol, I went to her the next day and asked if she wanted to press charges, but she refused out of fear, instead asking me to help her get away from him...” Mirai looked up in surprise at his words, truly shocked that the man was believing her.

    “T-Then...!” He held up his hand to cut her off.

    “I’ll work it out so you won’t go to jail, However you can’t get off scot free, I’ve got connections around here, will a few days of community service or something be ok with you?, You have to have SOME kind of punishment for this...” She nodded happily, bowing as much as it was possible for her to too show respect.

    “Y-yes...!, I’ll do it...!, T-Thank your sir!, I-I’m still very sorry, but thank you...!” He nodded and shooed her away, the girl stood, bowed again, and ran out the door, the man sighed and rubbed his temples, trying to figure out how he’d word this all...

    The next day, Mirai was sitting on the hotel bed watching the news, eating a bowl of cereal, she sighed in relief when it was announced on TV that his murder was a case of self defense, and she’d get let off with Community service, However, when the interviews started, and she heard that, even after the report, people were still doubting her in favor of Hiko being an innocent man, she dropped the bowel and it shattered on the ground, her eyes were wide in shock and horror, tears were welling up in the corner of her eyes.

    “W-Why...?, Why would they believe he was innocent..?!” She spoke, her fingers tracing over the scars around her eye, as if using them as a reminder that it was cause of him she had them.

    ‘Tch, worthless little rats should be punished, Backstabbing shit...’
    There it was again, Mirai could hear that inner voice of hers speaking up again.

    “N-No, I don’t want them to die too...!, They shouldn’t-“

    ‘Shouldn’t what?, Those were your FANS you spent so many months entertaining!, You spent so long making them ‘Happy’ with your singing, the fans that practically worshiped you, have now turned their back on you so damn easily!, yet you’re gonna forgive them just as easily?!’
    Mirai paused, biting her lip, unsure of what to do, Part of her knew she had a point, but the other part of her didn’t want to agree...

    ‘Just put on the damn mask remnants, Trust me, I’ll fix everything...~’ She doesn’t know why or how, she truly doesn’t, but for some reason, she chose to trust her, maybe it’s cause that voice was her last hope of someone caring for her, or wanting to defend her, or the fact that she doubts she could ignore it so easily, before it would drive her crazy, and she’d do what she would say just to shut her up.


    2 Months later

    “Running, hiding, little man, I do wonder where you ran...~” Sang the voice of “Lili”, a man running from her inside an old abandoned building, Lili was walking after him.

    “Thinking you can run from me, Oh let me end your Misery...~” She continued to sing, The man was hiding in a room, leaning against the door and doing his best to remain hidden and silent from the girl.

    “Oh running, hiding, little man, Now your life comes to....an....”  Suddenly, a slightly long blade ran through the door and through the mans chest, the mans mouth hung open in shock and pain, blood running down from the attack, sliding down his body and pooling under the door.

    “...End...” She finished, giggling then laughing, it took her a few attempts, but by now, she could figure out the perfect place to strike to hit vital organs on her victims, even behind obstacles, that way she could easily just walk away and let her victim bleed out.

    This continued for a long period of time whenever “Lili” got the chance, she’d find out where Mirai’s “Fans” lived, and keep an eye on them until she got the perfect chance to take them out, Mirai never approved of such a thing, ever, but “Lili” didn’t really care, she thought of this as just vengeance, to her, you shouldn’t hurt someone without expecting ot be hurt in return...


    “And that’s pretty much the gist of it, So what, you gonna call me a monster too...?, Provoke me into killing you as well?, Heh, Not like I need an invitation...!” She grinned and lunged forward towards Rei, unbeknownst to her, while she was telling her story, Zai would get closer and closer, by now, she was within range to grab the girls arm, moving it behind her back and pinning her to the wall, while her free hand would take the weapon away from her.

    “Nice try, You really need to keep an eye on your surroundings while talking, Multi-Task ya know...?” Zai grinned, Lili gave her an angered look, but despite her best efforts, it was clear the Chinese girl was stronger than her physically, there was no way she was gonna break out of this.

    “Whatever will we do about this side of you?” Rei sighed, walking closer and sliding the mask back down to her neck, causing “Lili” to somehow lose control so Mirai could take over again, as soon as she did, she stopped struggling.

    “I-I’m sorry, I wish I could c-control her but I can’t...” She spoke, Zai let her go as she slid back to the ground, hugging her knees close to her, Rei merely sighed again but smiled, leaning over and offering a hand to her.

    “Why not come live with us, Mirai...?, I’ll make sure to keep you safe...!” She offered, Mirai merely hugged her legs closer.

    ‘HA!, What kinda fools do they think we are?!, they’ll just back stab us like the rest and turn us over to the cops!’

    “...L-Lili said you’ll just betray us, l-like all the others and call the c-cops on us...” She spoke, Zai gave the girl a weary look.

    “Hell she herself could LITERALLY back stab us in our sleep, I don’t trust her, Rei...” Spoke Zai, Rei merely giggled at her worrying.

    “Calm down, Zai, I do not sense any murderous intent from Mirai herself, all this time, I believe that, all this time, she’s just been crying out for help, for someone to believe in her and treat her right again, Isn’t that right, Mirai...?” She spoke kindly, Mirai was already letting her tears fall, nodding with a sob.

    “Then come...!, I’ll let you live with us...!, I won’t ever treat you harshly, and I’ll make sure Zai stops Lili any time she tries to cause trouble!, I shall even split the money Mother gives me so you can buy what you like...!” The girl glanced up at her, sobbing again.

    “R-Really...?, You’re not lying, r-right...?” She asked, Rei grabbed onto her hand and pulled her to her feet, pulling the slightly shorter girl into a hug, her hand rubbing through her hair as she let Mirai cry into her shoulder, this time out of happiness and joy, instead of sadness and fear, Zai couldn’t help but smile at the scene, She chose not to speak until Mirai was done, so the trio could leave towards Rei’s house.

    “So, Mirai, You duel at all...?” Zai spoke up, Mirai glanced over at her and nodded slightly.

    “K-Kinda, I d-don’t have a deck of my own, I m-mainly use Lili’s lswarm cards...” She replied, Zai blinked in surprise.

    “The lswarm?, I saw them in action at a recent tournament, I’d love to take them on with my Wyrm’s someday...!” She spoke, a tomboyish grin on her face.

    “Now now, Zai, Do not forget to go easy on her at first, your Wyrm’s and my Ritua’s would likely be too much of a challenge for her at first...!” Rei replied, while they were talking, Mirai couldn’t help but smile and cry tears of joy, finally, she had real friends, she had people she could talk too, and wouldn’t treat her as bad as Hiko did. She continued to chat with the girls, albeit still shyly, as they returned to Rei and Zai’s home, somewhere she could also now call “Home”.

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    The Trio's Story... Empty Re: The Trio's Story...

    Post by Yuji on Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:15 am

    Thought that I may as well post this little Extra Add-On to it, to finalize the characters...

    It had been 3 weeks since Rei had invited Mirai into her home, and for the most part, it had turned out well, Mirai got accepted into the same Academy Rei and Zai were going to, Mirai had changed her outfit as well, she now wore a pink shirt that had puffy shoulders, it was decorated with 5 small gold stars along the bottom with a slightly bigger one above it, along with a red heart on it’s chest, and frills around the collar and sleeves.

    She also now wore a belt atop her blue shorts that held “Her” deck, along with yellow/gold bracelets on her wrists, despite being hesitant at first due to the scars, she also discarded her gloves. Lili had also been making less and less appearances as time went on, something that actually frightened Mirai at times.

    “Awesome, Mirai, You’re getting better and better all the time...!” Zai spoke, a grin upon her face, Mirai simply gave a hearty laugh while rubbing the back of her head. For a few days now, Zai had been having practice duels with her whenever Rei was speaking with her mother.

    The Study.

    “Oh, yes, Rei, I have something I must show you before you return to your friends...” Spoke the voice of Rei’s mother, a woman named Claire, a woman of Average height with long, silver hair tied up in a pony-tail and light blue eyes, Her skin being the same dark shade as her daughters, while she wore a fancy-looking white dress.

    “Hm?, What is it, Mother...?” Rei questioned, at her motioning, Rei followed after Claire towards the back of the large study room that had a long table with an adequate amount of chairs surrounding it, seated atop the table was a medium-sized box, Claire walked over to said box, opened it up, and showed the contents to Rei.

    “A Dueling Deck and a gold headpiece with a red jewel at it’s center...?” Rei questioned, tilting her head as she stared at them.

    “Yes, I received these the other day from Miss Ryouko Vermilion, Mirai’s mother, after I contacted her a couple weeks back when you brought Mirai in, She also wrote a note that she wished to be delivered to her daughter, interestingly, she also mentions a person by the name of Millia, and refers to her as her “Sister”“ Claire spoke, putting the object back into the box gently while closing it’s lid.

    “Millia...?, Sister...?, Hm, Interesting, Mother, I would like to try something with the assistance of my companions, would that be alright...?” Claire paused for a moment, after considering all possible outcomes, she nodded once.

    “Very well, but do be careful, Rei, This young one does not need any more harm to come over her...” Rei couldn’t help but smile.

    “If this succeeds, I am sure Mirai will no longer have to suffer anymore...” She spoke. With a bow, Rei collected the box and walked out of the study.

    “Alright then, I think I’ll Activate both my Celestia Spell Card, and my Oasis of Dragon Souls trap card!, now I can-“ Zai’s move was cut off as she noticed Rei walking into the room with a box in hand and a backpack on her back.

    “What’s in the box, Rei...?” Mirai glanced in her direction at that.

    “It is a gift for our friend here apparently, however, before that, I would like Mirai to come with me, I have a little thing I would like to test...” Rei spoke, despite her natural nervous feeling, Mirai hesitantly nodded and followed after the girl, Zai following as well.

    “U-Um, What is it you w-want to try, Rei...?” Mirai asked, glancing around as they entered the Mansion’s basement, oddly having what looked like a magic circle carved into the wall.

    “As soon as we meet my comrades, I shall give you your answer, Do not worry, Mirai, I would never do anything without your permission...!” Rei said, Mirai smiled a bit and nodded at that.

    Mirai watched as Rei spoke in a language she couldn’t make out, she could tell it wasn’t German though, as she was chanting, the magic circle on the wall lit up in a bright blue color, bright enough that Mirai had to shut her eyes, she could feel wind circling around her, and could tell that mist was surrounding them, by the time it all died down and she opened her eyes, she could tell they weren’t in the basement anymore.

    Rather, they were in a large, opened up area in what looked like a blue room, looking around, she also noticed two people nearby, a girl with long red hair and red eyes, wearing an odd, to her, outfit and a large hat on her head, next to her was a light blue haired girl with matching eyes, wearing a similar hat, but a slightly different outfit with a coat over it.

    “REI...!, It’s so good of you to visit us again...~!” Spoke the red-head, laughter in her voice as she ran over to give the girl a hug, Rei couldn’t help but laugh herself and return the hug.

    “It’s good to see you to, Emilia...!, You too, Erial...!” Rei said, glancing at the other girl, who just gave a shy nod and wave.

    “W-Wait, E-Emilia?, Erial?, As in, Ritua, Er, Gishki, E-Emilia and Erial...?” Mirai questioned, her eyes wide in surprise and shock, Rei nodded.

    “Yes, Ever since I was young, I seemed to have the ability to see and communicate with the Duel Monsters I would come into contact with, It took a long while before I could tell my mother, and when I did, she showed me that Magical Portal that leads you to where you wish to go in the Spirit World,, well, so long as you have formed a partnership and deep bond with the Spirits you wish to visit, anyway, which can take a while....” She explained, Mirai slowly nodded, sorta understanding.

    “So, what’cha here for, Rei...?, Need something...?” Erial questioned, Rei nodded, stepping to the side and slightly pointing towards Mirai.

    “I was curious, your clan seems to, albeit in Dark Methods, specialize in Combining and separating two separate Life forms, I wondered, are you able to sense whether a person has 2 souls in them...?, as in, if they’re two life forms merged together, or say two souls trapped in one body...?” She asked, Emilia tilted her head back with her arms crossed in thought.

    “Um, I think so, Gimme a sec to try...” She walked over to Mirai, a gentle smile on her face.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, as far as I’ve heard this doesn’t hurt a bit...~!” She spoke, Mirai nervously nodded, as Emilia placed her hands on either side of Mirai’s head, closing her eyes in concentration as a blue glow emitted from her hands.

    “Ahh!” Emilia shot back, a surprised look on her face, Rei gave her a questioning glance.

    “There’s definitely a soul that isn’t her own in there...!, A real violent one...!” She spoke, Rei nodded, a hand on her chin in thought.

    “I figured after reading that note...” She spoke more to herself.

    “Emilia, is it possible to separate that soul into it’s own body...?, Not just temporary, permanently...?” Zai gave her a questioning stare.

    “...What’re you up to, Rei...?, Do you know how dangerous it is to let Lili run wild on her own...?” Rei simply gave her a knowing grin.

    “Trust me, Zai, I believe that I know what I’m doing...” Rei replied, glancing back at Emilia, who had apparently been thinking all this time, Mirai meanwhile, seemed to catch on to the plan, to separate Lili into her own body, rather than have her be trapped in hers.

    “I believe it’s possible, I mean, we never tried before, but unlike what some Magicians try in creating new life, all we need to create is a body to house the soul in....Erial...!, Can you get in contact with her and ask if we can borrow her cloning gun...?” Erial nodded at her request before running off, Rei gave her a questioning glance.

    “Before you ask, I made friends with, like, a GENIUS inventor Alien girl, usually she’ll happily help others out so long as she gets a favor in return, This time should be no problem...!, So, we should be able to clone her body and drag the soul to it, but, wouldn’t they look the same...?” Rei gave a chuckle at that, setting the backpack on the ground.

    “Trust me, I came prepared...”.

    It took a couple hours, but Erial had returned with the gun in hand, handing it over to Rei, while Emilia had already prepared the rest, mainly a large magical circle drawn on the ground, with Mirai standing at it’s center.

    “Alright, here’s how it’ll go, I’ll start the Ritual to separate the soul, when you see that it’s out, Rei, shoot her with the gun, then slowly drag it to where the soul is floating, it seems crazy, but this SHOULD work, Since Mother told me earlier that she did a similar thing to resurrect me from being a spirit...” Rei nodded at the instructions, Emilia glanced over to Mirai.

    “Please bear with me, as this might hurt, Mirai...” Mirai nodded slowly, shutting her eyes to brace herself, as Emilia started the incantation.

    Instantly, Mirai could feel a rush of pain course through her, but instead of screaming out in pain, she gave everything she had to make sure she didn’t, if they were willing to help her, she’d at least try to tough it out.

    ‘The hell...?, What the hell is-A-Am I being PULLED OUT...?!, HELL NO...!!’ She could hear Lili’s defiance in her head, as scared as she was of losing her, Mirai did her best to try and help push her out. Little by little, a red gassy light was separating from Mirai.

    ‘Such a stubborn one...’ Emilia though, she continued the chant though, seeing that she was having trouble, Erial gathered the courage to join her best friend in the Chant, hoping it would help speed up the process, which luckily for them, it was, as now there were two people tugging at Lili.

    ‘No, NO DAMMIT NO!!!’ Lili screamed out as she was tugged free of Mirai.

    “N-Now, Rei-san...!” Erial shouted, Rei instantly fired the gun at Mirai, surprisingly, Mirai only felt a slight sting from it, as instructed, Rei dragged the guns beam towards the soul, the body it was cloning starting to form around the soul, Zai finally catching on.

    “Now I get it, it won’t automatically make the duplicate, it needs to be dragged away while still firing, so it knows WHERE to make the clone at, in this case, she’s making the clone AROUND her soul, so there’d be a quicker and easier time getting her into the body...!” She spoke, seeing Rei nod at her words.

    Slowly, the body was being formed around the soul, until it was eventually done, it took only a moment after the gun ceased firing, for the “clone” to open it’s eyes, what was surprising, was that instead of the green eye Mirai had, it had a red eye in it’s place, and her hair was slightly, slightly darker than Mirai’s, her bangs were also slightly different than Mirai’s, as there were two bigger pieces of hair that covered half of her red eye.

    “Oh so that’s it, you were just giving me my own body, what, you expect a “Thank you” bitch...?” Lili spoke, her voice being noticeably deeper than Mirai’s. Rei gave a slight chuckle in response.

    “Not at all, At first I thought you were just Mirai’s inner hatred and anger come to life, but in actuality, after reading this note, I was completely wrong, here, Mirai, Read it aloud” Rei walked over and handed over the note, curious, Mirai nodded and unfolded it.

    ‘Dear Mirai.

    I know I haven’t been the best mother to you, as I never stood up to your Father’s aggressive personality, and never knew you were suffering so much while living your “dream”, But I wanted you to know, I always loved you very much, that is why I am giving you my most cherished Deck for you to use, as well as another gift I had hand made for you, think of it as a way of me saying I’m sorry, and that I’ll always watch over you, just as I hope your sister Millia will...

    Your mother who love you very much.

    By the end of it, Mirai was nearly in tears, and Lili, who had changed into a new outfit, of a dark red dress that had a hip cut, a dark purple choker and gloves that went a bit past her elbows, she also seemed to have put on a gray eye patch over her red eye that had a gold star on it.

    “I believe these belong to you...” Rei spoke, giving Mirai the deck, while she helped place the head band on her forehead, the red jewel centered on her foredhead, Mirai glanced down at the deck.

    “T-The Gem-Knights...?, M-Mom....” Mirai bit back a snob, glancing at Lili through teary eyes, only to get an irritated “What?” from her.

    “Y-you were always there to protect me f-from harm when you a-awoke, a-although I wonder how you were put in m-me, I think, Y-You might be Millia...!, M-My sister...!” She spoke, running over with a big smile on her face and hugging the girl, greatly surprising her.

    “H-hey get the hell off of me...!, Ya wanna get shanked...?!” Despite her warning, Mirai held her tight.

    “N-No, I’ll never let you go, M-Millia...!, Ever...!, we’ll never leave each others s-side again...!” She spoke, letting her tears fall, Lili, now known by her real name of Millia, clinched her teeth, refusing to show any weakness in front of the other two, she merely raised a hand to pat her on the back, that apparently being all Mirai needed to be happy.

    “Wait, they’re sisters...?, And all this was to protect her....?!” Zai spoke in a state of surprise, Rei nodded.

    “There was a second note that was given to my mother, it said that Millia, her older sister, had an incurable disease at the age of 4, when Mirai was still an infant, despite her illness, she would always say she’d protect her little sister, even saying that death wouldn’t stop her...In the end, on her last die, her Mother performed a forbidden Ritual, that Took Millia's soul out of her body, and she sealed it into Mirai's, hoping that she WOULD continue to protect her sister from harm...” Rei couldn’t help but smile.

    “Looks like we just misjudged her, she just wanted to protect her little sister, Despite looking like twins now, and make those who sullied her name pay for it, it makes you wonder if she even realizes it...” She finished, Zai sighed and smiled a bit, fists on her hips.

    “Well, I’ll still keep an eye on her, but at the same time, I’ll ease up on her and give her more space”

    “That would likely be for the best” Rei said, watching with a smile, as Mirai seemed to give Millia the lswarm deck, while clinging tightly to her Gem-Knight Deck. Rei hoped that this would be the start of a better life for the sisters, hoping neither would have to suffer anymore...

    Guess that would settle it, Lili's New Design and real name revealed to be Millia, Mirai's new design, and them having their own separate decks now...

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