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    Post by Wynn on Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:23 am

    This is a segment from my story called well as you guess the new world order. I have a few segments ready, all comments are thanked. If you guys like ready it let me know I will post more. Maybe you guys will help get me writing more often.
    Chapter One
    "And the third world war ended because of the threat that magic brought to the world. Oh my look at the time that is all for today class" the teacher of the class said. "Our story today is about a very special girl that one, the one that is putting her text books in a bag and walking out of the class. Her name is Valorie. She is a twenty year old college student who lives for the most part an ordinary life until this day; for today is the start of the most increadible journey. But without further delay let us watch the story unfold." Valorie was in the courtyard of the school saying goodbye to her friends. She was walking down the street like any ordinary day. But that is when she hears a noise, a gunshot. It was so loud. She realized it was so loud because it came down an ally she was passing. She couldn't help but look. She almost wished she never had. She saw a masked man holding a gun and a man lying on the floor dead. She was so scared but even out of her fear she noticed the dead man. He was well known. A politicians assistant by the name of (need name). The killer noticed how he had an audience.
    He spoke "Oh how I love my job especially when someone finds me." He ran towards her. She was so scared she took off running. He was catching up fast. He then threw small explosives at her about 5 of them all around her not large only enough to harm but they did cause her to fall. As she fell, she spoke a chant (need chant) then vines from two nearby trees grabbed the assailants’ arms and legs. She took off running again. Valorie was an expert spellcaster but she knew that kind of spell wouldn't hold him long but she hoped it wouldn't need to. She ran and turned every chance she got, she was hoping if she got a far enough lead he would mess up and lose her. Her plan didn't work. He found her at a dead end.
    "Tough luck sweet cheeks, end of the road, it has been fun but now it is time to die" he threw his sai at her.
    She quickly spoke another spell. "Shield of Ice protect me." Suddenly a wall of ice was in front of her and it caught the sai.
    "A move like that won't save you. You aren't the only spellcaster you know. He then spoke a chant. He then threw a ball of flames at the wall. It caused an explosion. The sai that had been previously stuck now launched at Valorie striking her shoulder. Luckily it was only a graze. He then charged her and attempted to stab her with his second sai. She caught it, trying to push him back but his physical strength was superior. The sai drew closer and closer to Valorie's face, and she stated yelling "No! No!

    Meanwhile somewhere far away someone in a dark room was talking.
    "What is taking him so long? Report" said a figure whose face could not be seen.
    The reply came from another whose face was hidden in the shadows. “I have pulled up street cameras it would seem he failed his mission. He was spotted right after he killed his target. He has then launched an attack against the witness"
    A furious tone was used in the next sentence “He was told not to engage any civilians, He will pay. Pull his fight up on main screen."

    The scene showed Valorie on it and she was acting weird her eyes changed colors and her body started to glow a red color. She then pushed his sai and body back almost throwing him a decent twenty feet. Before really thinking he launched another fireball. Valorie once more raised her shield this time though the shield was unharmed.
    "Second stage" she said in an almost angry voice. The wall of ice shattered then turn sideways become a seemingly countless number of ice shards. "Fire" They all launched at him and he had no time to react. He was struck too many times to count. He started to fall to his knees when Valorie rushed him saying "No no, our fun has only begin" She grabbed him and throw him across the street. He collided with a wall and laid there barely able to see let alone move. When she walked over by him holding his sai, "Like you said, right time to die" She thrust it towards him but suddenly stopped. The red color faded as her struggle with herself began "Go away!" she screamed then suddenly all the red color had had faded and she was herself again. She thought to herself. Not again. I must control it. And she ran away.
    Meanwhile on the other side of the TV monitor.
    The mysterious person laughed. "Ha this is getting interesting. We need to do some research"
    "Right away boss"
    Chapter one End

    Even If she isn't mentioned in this chapter a cool character.
    If anyone wants to color this pic, I am all for it, lol
    She is white, costume is mixed colors between black brown and blue
    Tried to get the pic to load here but it wouldn't work. sorry

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