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    Lonely Day in the Other World(Again!)

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    Lonely Day in the Other World(Again!) Empty Lonely Day in the Other World(Again!)

    Post by TheNewAngel on Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:40 pm

    It's baaaaack!! XDDDD

    A Lonely Day in the other World
    CHAPTER 1: A Normal day in This World.
    *Autumn 2006, 3rd of October, 8:30 A.M.*

    A young man stepped quietly out of his dorm room, a cool breeze causing his light green hair to sway slightly.
    The young man walked toward a small lane, brown leaves fluttering to the ground all around him.
    Half-way up the lane, the man felt the usual: a pair of arms wrapping around his torso.
    "Haayatooo!!" a voice rang out, breaking the silent atmosphere of the morning, "Goood Mooorning!"
    Hayato looked around at the girl glued to his body "Morning Ayako... Does that ever get old?"
    Ayako frowned slightly at Hayato as he said this. After a moment she looked slightly confused.
    "What do you mean? I always do this! Are you saying I can't anymore?"
    Hayato smiled at her warmly, assuring her that he was joking.
    Due to their conversation, neither of the two notice a small coloured bead floating above a shrub as they passed by it.

    *3rd October, 4:23 P.M.*

    Hayato ran quickly down the lane-way to his dorm, cheering to himself as he did so.
    "Alright! I got it! I got the card I wanted! Finally!"
    Hayato was so absorbed in his own thoughts, he tripped on a stone on the path-way.
    After a series of profanities, Hayato sat up. As he did, he noticed what had been the bead this-morning, only now,
    it was the size of a man or woman. Curious, Hayato reached out for the strange, floating 'thing'.
    To his surprise, his hand passed through the 'thing', rather than touching solid matter.
    Hayato suddenly had the bright idea that he should inform a teacher of this 'thing' rather than mess around with it.
    Hayato tried to pull away, but his hand wouldn't budge. He tried pulling harder, but nothing happened.
    Thinking it a good idea to try puching himself in and then pulling out to as to gather momentum, Hayato pushed himself further into the 'thing'. To his distress, he couldn't pull out the entirety of his arm, so now he was missing an entire limb off his body. Hayato thought for a moment, then stood up awkwardly and pushed his entire body through the 'thing', hoping he wouldn't get killed by doing so. Hayato didn't come out the other side.
    On the other side of the 'thing' a large dragon appeared in the same fashion as Hayato dissapeared, arm first, full body second, mirroring Hayato's dissapearance.

    *??? Season 2006, ??? Date, ??? Time*

    Hayato woke up with his body feeling like a dry-tumbled pair of trousers.
    "Ugh..." he mumbled. Feeling something brush against his leg, Hayato snapped up into a sitting position.
    Slithering over his leg, was a small metallic snake. With two heads.
    All around him looked strange, the sky was dark, though what seemed to be a black sun burned in the sky, casting an unnaturally eerie light on the area. Even the rocks and dirt Hayato was laying on was of no natural origin.
    The entire ground was purple for miles. Out of the blue, a loud, familiar noise filled hayato's ears.
    From far off, a light appeared on the horizon. And, from what hayato could see, a locomotive with teeth was gunning straight for him. "Wonderful," he said sarcastically "A train is out to kill me. This is the best day ever."

    *??? Season 2006, ??? Date, ??? Time*

    Hayato had been running from the train for hours when he finally came to a stop. Unfortunately for him, the train didn't. Instead, it ploughed him into the air, rather than crushing him under it's tracks. He flew upwards, before falling back toward Earth, crashing into an open compartment of it's carriages. Groaning, Hayato sat up, a young boy with black hair scurried over to Hayato as he fell, holding his hand out. "Hey, are you okay? That looked painful."
    Hayato blinked at him, before speaking his thoughts out loud. "There are other humans here? How is that?" As Hayato said this he took hold of the boy's hand.
    The boy smiled at Hayato innocently, pulling him to his feet. "Well, there's only me and this girl here, but she won't talk at all."
    A girl sat on a seat quietly, looking scared of her surroundings. "Other than that, there are no normal people..."
    Hayato looked at a group of girls with a boy near the other end of the compartment. They seemed to be being supervised by a strangely dressed woman.
    "They seem pretty normal. Apart from their clothes..." Hayato said, confused. The boy laughed a little "Well, they seem like it, but they have really strange powers."
    The boy paused, before going on to say. "They helped me earlier, but now that Lady won't let me talk to them... Some kind of training..."
    Hayato took a good look at the group of seven. They all seemed to be similarly dressed, but they each had a unique style.
    Something that strucka chord in Hayato's mind was the hair. All six colours of the elements...
    "Anyway," The boy said "I'm Zach. What's your name?"
    Hayato looked at Zach quizzically before replying "Hayato. Nice to meet you."

    *??? Season 2006, ??? Date, ??? Time*

    Hayato sighed slightly. A little while ago, the cute girls and the guy had gotten off
    Now all he had to look at was Zach and the quiet girl, though luckily, Zach came across as friendly, rather than annoyingly nice.
    As Hayato thought about how he had gotten to where he was now, a girl in with hair similar to one of the other's seemed to appear out of thin air.
    "Ah... Welcome back Alessa" Zach said, smiling warmly "Have a nice nap?"
    Hayato looked at her for a moment longer, before deciding girls appearing out of no where was no big deal anymore.
    Suddenly, a large shadow cast itself over everyone in the train, a brief sound of twisting metal rang out, along with what seemed to be a cry of pain form the carriage.
    On top of the train, a huge demon loomed over Hayato and the others. Immediately, Alessa shot a blue beam from her hand, but it seemed not to affect the demon.
    "Useless, pitiful creature. I shall end this charade now. You knew your master could never hide from me."
    The demon reached in, grabbing Zach, while batting Alessa aside into a side of the carriage like she was made of straw.
    Spreading the huge wings on his back, the demon roared, and took off into the air, a huge hole opening in the sky as he did so.
    "Now I will reach the real world and complete my mission! This boy will be my greatest weapon yet!"
    The demon disappeared into the hole, and it quickly closed behind him, leaving Hayato even more terrified and confused than when he got to the world first.
    "What's happening?" he wondered "What is this?!"

    *??? Season 2006, ??? Month, ??? Day*

    Hayato watched as Alessa's eyes opened slowly after her long time knocked out.
    As she woke, a worried look spread across her face.
    "We need to save him! Sin will use his image to victimise tens of hundreds! We- Ow!"
    As Alessa tried to sit up, her hand shot to the back of her head. Wincing, she looked at Hayato,
    noticing him sitting over her, she pushed him away.
    "I'm fine!" she said, though her wincing in pain tipped Hayato off that she was lying.
    Hayato looked at her sympathetically. "Do you know Zach? Is that why you're so worried?"
    Alessa blushed at Hayato, before putting on fake anger. "I'm not worried about him at all!"
    pausing, she looked at the ground, her face still crossed with worry.
    "Bad things will happen if Sin isn't stopped..."
    Hayato put his hand on Alessa's shoulder, smiling softly at her.
    "Well Alessa, tell me all about it over a drink of water, okay?"
    Sitting down on one of the only remaining seats that was whole, Hayato watched and listened as Alessa began to tell him everything.

    *??? Season 2006, ??? Month, ??? Date*

    Hayato was still taking anything in everything Alessa had told him when a narrow shaft of light pierced the constant strange twilight. He couldn't help but look glad as the light expanded over first Hayato, the girl and Alessa, but then the entire train. The next thing he knew, the train was gunning across a huge field with nothingto see for miles but grassy hills and plains. Even when Hayato strained his eyes, he could barely see anything on the horizon, bar what seemed to be a wetland.
    Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Zach looked back to see Alessa smiling at him.
    "Nice, isn't it?" she pointed out, a warm look of contentment in her eyes for a moment.
    Hayato nodded slowly, looking at the peaceful setting laid out before him.
    The contentment fading from her eyes, Alessa looked at Hayato, before asking the inevitable question. "So, are you gonna help me get outta here and find Zach and Sin?"
    There was no beating around the bush, just a brutal dose of bluntness in her tone and question. "Yeah, I will, I'm willing to face the consequences. I know it'll be hard, but this sounds too important to ignore." Alessa nodded at Hayato.
    Suddenly the nigh on silent girl stood up and volunteered to help, introducing herself as Yae, before sitting back down again, silent as ever.

    CHAPTER 2: A busy day in the Warrior Village.
    *??? Season, ??? Month, ??? Day*
    Hayato was still waving to the train as it crossed over the horizon.
    Having gotten off not too far from a small village with Alessa and Yae, the three had begun
    heading toward the seemingly unremarkable settlement.
    "We're lucky Dekoichi got tired when he did." Alessa giggled " Otherwise we might have ended up miles from here when he let us off.
    Hayato was thankful that was not the case, he wasn't inclined to walk any long distances after everything that had happened today. The village was in sight now, and all Hayato could think about was a warm bed waiting in some form of inn.
    As he was daydreaming about his rest, Alessa suddenly stopped in her tracks, putting her hand out to stop Hayato walking any further.
    Yae kept on walking, seemingly unaware of whatever Alessa was wary of.
    It was then that a griant worm burst from the ground, swallowing Yae whole as it emerged from the ground.
    Unable to think about anything but personal safety, Hayato turned and started running, leaving Alessa to fend for herself.
    Alessa pointed a hand at worm, and unleashed a jet of water right at it.
    The worm faltered, but only for a moment. Clearly annoyed, the worm lunged at Alessa, trying to mimic it's attack from before.
    The worm seemingly hit Alessa full on, but when the dust cleared, Alessa was several metres away from where she had been, in the arms of Yae, who now looked completely different from before. Looking amazed, Hayato cheered, and waited to see what happened next. Jumping out of Yae's arms, Alessa readied herself.
    Taking a long beaded necklace from beneath her garments, a blue aura fired up around Alessa. Raising her hand once again, she unleashed a jet of water again, but this time it was different. The water surged at high speed at the worm. As it made contact, the stream blew the worm apart, sending pieces of rocky carapace and sinew everywhere.
    Lowering her hand, Alessa breathed in deeply, before exhaling slowly, sighing as she did so.
    "It's done" she said, a slight frown on her face. Yae walked over to Hayato and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him toward the village, saying "We have to talk".

    Chapter 2- Part 2
    As Hayato was pulled through the village by Yae, he started to notice the people living there.
    Every second person was wearing a suit of armor, and every person had a weapon on their person, even the children "Just what kind of place is this?" he murmured, as a little girl with a dagger ran by. Eventually, Yae was finished pulling Hayato, into what seemed to be a small Inn. Alessa had been close behind them the entire way, and entered shortly after them.
    Yae had a slight frown on her face, and Alessa looked unsure of what Yae was going to say.
    Suddenly, Yae raised a hand and slapped Hayato across the face, sending him recoiling in shock. "Wh-what was that for?" he said, clenching his fist in anger. While feeling the urge to hit her back rise within him, Hayato wondered if it was okay to a girl in this world, but decided not to test it, calming himself down quickly.
    Yae remained looking vaguely dissapointed. Quietly, she said "Only cowards run."
    This sunk into Hayato like a razor sharp chard of glass. "I.. I'm no..."
    Hayato didn't finish, knowing that lying to her was useless, both Yae and Alessa had fought the worm valiantly, Hayato ran away, not even running to the village to get help...
    "There is a way to help overcome fear..." Yae's soft voice suddenly washed over Hayato again, causing him top look at her again.
    Alessa raised an eyebrow "Is it... That way?" she questioned, looking a little worried.
    Yae nodded, pointing out a window to a huge tower visible in the center of the town.
    "You must retrieve Baou... The Fiend-killer..."

    Hayato stood gaping in front of the tower. "This thing is huge... How did these people build it?"
    As he felt a hand pat his head, he also heard Alessa's voice chime in, in an explanatory voice "It was built hundreds of years ago by the gods of this world, before they left behind the Sacred Guardians!". When Hayato remained looking clueless, Alessa sighed, placing her face in her palm. "To keep it simple, the guardians are one of the organizations who protect this world... But over time, they grew old, so they placed their souls in six different wepons... One of which you're going to retrieve."
    Yae took Hayato by the hand and pulled him toward the entrance. Alessa waved at them "Well, I can't come in, I'm not one of the warriors after all. Have fun with Miss Talkative!"

    Chapter 2- Part 3

    As they rounded another corner in what seemed to be a labyrinth of twists and turns in the seemingly huge tower, Hayato was surprised to see Yae suddenly stop, putting a hand out in front of Hayato as to tell him to stop too. Hayoto stopped just in time, as a volley of darts few
    from a number of little holes in the wall to their right, which, if Hayato hadn't stopped, would have inevitably skewered him.
    After the initial shock of almost having been dead... Again, Hayato notice a large archway at the end of the next corridor, with a large door engraved with strange writing.
    Yae motioned to the door, a slight frown on her face. "I can't go any further... Go on alone..."
    As Hayato moved toward the door, he could have swore he heard Yae say "I'm sorry", but he paid no heed to it, reaching the door and pushing it open slowly, wary of anything that could be waiting for him on the other side... Or god forbid, another trap.
    T his surprise, however, all he found was a large, cavernous room with no marks, features or qualities apart from one... In the center of the room, was a very ornate stone slab.
    But there was something else... Implanted in the top of the slab, was a long, forboding sword, that seemed to resonate an aura of danger. It looked like something out of a movie...
    Hayato moved closer to it, still cautiously. As he did, the sword suddenly hummed, as if coming alive. Then, in front of Hayato, a large, purple man appeared, with a crooked smile and arrogant composure. He spoke clearly, with a voice that was drowned in pride.
    "Ah, you must be here for me. Welcome to my Chamber, are you ready to die?"

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    Chapter 3 - Part 1: Are you Ready to Die?

    Hayato gaped at the purple man standing in front of him. "R-ready to die?"
    The man sighed, giving Hayato a tired look as he did.
    "Yes. Die. Or to be more exact, are you willing to risk your life for others?"
    Hayato didn't know what to say. He just stood there, staring at the ground.
    "I... I hate violence... I don't want to fight." he murmured miserably.
    The purple man seemed to smile at this, walking over and patting Hayato on the shoulder.
    "It's a good thing you're telling the truth, or I'd have cut your head off just there."
    The man offered a hand to Hayato, winking at him wryly. "My name is Baou. The Third Annointed Guardian." Hayato nodded, smiling at Baou weakly.
    "I'm Kaede Hay-" Baou cut him off, putting a finger on Hayato's lips.
    "Hayato. Yes. I know. Your thoughts are an open book to me when you're in my chamber."
    Hayato was a little taken off guard. "So... You know my next question then... Is there any sort of test?" Baou nodded to this question grimly. "Yes. The Guardians wish to test you as a whole. So that we can test your courage." Baou shook his head, sighing a little.
    "And I'm sorry, but you're going to have to fight. We're not going to tell you to kill. But you have to fight." Hayato didn't respond to this statement, but just nodded in gloomy acceptance. "I rushed into this without thinking... And now look where I am..."

    Chapter 3 - Part 2

    Hayato blinked once at Baou. His vision began to blur, and before he knew it, he couldn't see a thing. The last thing he heard before hitting the ground was the a cackle that rang in his ears like the bells of a cathedral.

    Hayato slowly opened his eyes, and tried to survey his surroundings.
    After a moment, he gave up, there was either nothing to see in here, or the room was too dark to see anything. Keeping this in mund, he didn't make any sort of efforet to get on his feet or feel around, for all he knew, this place could be infested with traps or worse, small creatures.
    Before he could think of what to do next, an opening appeared in front of him, blinding momentarily. After he had regained his sight, and had confirmed there was nothing that could kill him in what he could see was a small, cylindrical room, he stood up and made his way out of it into the light. The area he had entered was exactly like the plain outside the warrior village, but now, Hayato felt like he would have preferred the worm to attack him again. Standing in the foreground of the field was a small, ghostly boy, who was wearing nothing but a ragged robe. His skin was grey, his eyes black. And there was little or no meat on his person. He looked almost skin and bone. Despite looking like he should have died of starvation, the boy had a wicked grin on his face, and his black eyes were gleaming with both malice and grief all at once. When the boy saw Hayato, his body shook as a dry rattle came from him, which Hayato thought might be the boy's way of laughing.
    The boy beckoned him closer, motioning to both him and a heap at his feet all at once.
    Hayato edged toward the boy cautiously, maintaining a wariness.
    'If this is some sort of test, then this kid is going to be trying some sort of trick...'
    When Hayato was a few meters from the boy, he suddenly pulled a sheet off the heap at his feet, making Hayato's eyes widen with shock and horror.
    There was Ayako, beaten and bruised. Her clothes were torn, and she looked like she could pass into the arms of Death at any moment.
    "AYAKO!!!" Hayato screamed, his mind and heart doing cartwheels and backflips all at once, making him feel like he could throw it up on the ground.
    Despite this, he ran for her, intent on getting her to some form of medic.
    As he did though, he felt as if he had run head first into a brick wall. Hayato fell back, cursing and crying out in pain.
    After he had recovered and gathered himself, he stood up and looked at the place he had impacted, he saw a crackling transparent wall of purple energy.
    The bone-boy was now cackling, wagging his finger. At last, the boy spoke, a dry, sadistic sounding voice emitted from his lips as he did.
    "Now, now... First you have to beat the dragon..."

    Chapter 3 - Part 3

    Hayato didn't know what to think. One moment he'd been in Baou's chamber, the next he had been in some field... And now... He had to beat a dragon!?
    Hayato looked around wildly for some sign of a Dragon, and it wasn't until he did a full three-sixty degree turn that he finally saw it.
    It was lazing atop the tower Hayato had obviously come from, staring at him hungrily. It was large, wiry and black, apart from it's eyes, which were a glowing red. It slunk down the tower, grasping it's walls like some kind of spider. Hayato lifted his hands up, getting ready to run at the beast and hit it as hard as he could. He couldn't run away. Not now. Not when it meant Ayako living or dying. There was no choice. He had to save her.
    Hayato stopped thinking and ran. He ran as swiftly as his legs could take him. He reached the dragon, and threw a punch at it's right flank. It stepped away, moving a great distance in a single step, and batted him away softly, sending him several meters. Hayato landed roughly, rolling a good few more meters before stopping completely. He pulled himself to his feet woozily, but felt a sharp pain run through his arm as he did. He glanced at it, expecting it to be hanging limp, but instead... He saw a gauntlet strapped to his hand. "That's... New..." He thought to himself. The gauntlet's appearance utterly stumped Hayato. Where had it come from...? What WAS it? He hadn't time to think about it. With a swift motion, the dragon jumped into the air, hidden wings unfurling from their natural hiding places and flapping, sending a gust of wind at Hayato. He fell over with a soft thud. How on earth could he beat this thing...? Hayato was quickly losing resolve when a sudden thought crossed his mind. The gauntlet. He could use the gauntlet... Say the words...!
    "Wait... What the hell? What words?" he thought in annoyance, "What am I thinking...?"
    But the thoughts didn't subside. Hayato could see it now. Say the words, beat the dragon. It was that simple.
    Hayato grinned. Yeah! That was it! Loosening his throat, Hayato readied his lungs with a deep breath. "Now! Manifest! Baou!!"

    Chapter 3 - Part 4
    With the words spoken, Hayato felt a surge of power flow through his body. Hayato felt himself nearly lose his balance as purple light burst forth from the gauntlet, sending roiling strands of energy that tore through the ground as they struck it.
    Hayato would have been amazed, but he was struggling to keep himself from being engulfed by the light.
    While Hayato fought against the light, he felt something form within his grasp. “There’s something forming in the light!” he thought urgently, “Is this it? Will this help me win…?” With what seemed to be a triumphant howl, the light finally dispersed. Hayato’s gauntlet covered hand was now holding the same sword as he had seen in Baou’s room.
    The reason he had come to the tower in the first place.
    Hayato finally felt he could win. But despite this, he felt strange. He couldn’t quite pinpoint why, but he felt different somehow.
    An earth-sundering roar reminded Hayato of the dragon, and he quickly focussed on the scaly beast, putting all his other thoughts to the back of his mind for now.

    Hayato squatted down as the dragon beat his wings, sending another gale at him.
    Without thinking, Hayato lunged straight at the dragon, the gust not slowing his advance any bit at all. To his surprise, the gust didn’t even faze him. He just kept going toward the dragon, in mid-air, preparing his sword to strike it. With a bellow, the dragon swung a meaty paw at Hayato, annoyed by the insect’s resistance. To it’s annoyance, however, Hayato swung the sword to blocks his attack, and even worse, cut right through his paw with a counter-attack.

    Hayato had no doubt he was going to be victorious. The dragon was clearly shocked at Hayato’s sudden retaliation. It has landed nearby, and was licking it’s wound like some kind of domestic animal. At this point, Hayato felt nothing but pity for the beast.
    “I didn’t want to fight it any more…” Hayato admitted to himself. “It doesn’t want to fight either… It knows it’s lost…” And yet, Hayato felt the urge to charge the creature and finish it growing within him. Slowly but surely, that urge began to swamp his rational thoughts. The taste of blood was in his mouth. He was starting to like that taste…
    Without restraint, Hayato dashed at the creature, which recoiled in fear. It tried to take off, a quick escape being it’s last chance. Hayato didn’t like that. He didn’t like the idea of it getting away. Taking a deep breath, he tensed every muscle in his body, before pushing off the ground again. This time, the force of the jump was so great that he felt the ground rupture beneath him as he left it. With a speed and power he’d never experienced, Hayato smashed into the dragon. It cried out in terror moments before it went limp, and began to plummet to the earth. Hayato hadn’t only won… He’d utterly beaten the pulp out of his enemy. Hayato wished he had time to think about what he’d done… But before he could, his vision began to blur, just like before. ‘N-no… Not… Again…’. And at that, he lost consciousness.

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