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    Satori & Satsujin's Backstory.

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    Satori & Satsujin's Backstory. Empty Satori & Satsujin's Backstory.

    Post by Yuji on Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:04 am

    For those who do not know, Satori and Satsujin are These Two, A couple of Yin-Yang Twins I randomly thought up one day. And this would be their backstory, I give credit to "The Curse" and "The Night" by Disturbed, as they help give me some ideas on it, also I think each could suit them, Satsujin=The Curse, and Satori=The Night. And yes sadly enough, you'll see a couple quotes referencing the songs in here XP.

    Enough on that, onto the story.....

    An Unknown Location, on an Unknown Date, at 7:28 PM.

    The sound of twin crying echoed throughout the building, In the bedroom, a woman with Light Grey, almost silver hair and gold eyes, held twin children in her arms, a Son and a Daughter, the Son’s hair matching hers, whereas the daughter had her eyes.

    “Heh, Just look at them, Darling, they’re beautiful, aren’t they...? Spoke the woman, her gaze glancing from the two babies, towards her husband standing at the window, the man having a darker shade of grey hair, and blue eyes. He turned around and gazed at his children, the daughter having his hair, whilst the son his eyes.

    “Yes, they are indeed, Kanna...” The man replied, a smile on his face as he walked over towards the two, leaning over, he kissed his wife briefly before his eyes glances back in the direction of his kids. The woman in question, once a cocky but powerful Magician, now lay here holding his children.

    “I’m thinking of Satori for the girls name, what do you think, darling...?” She spoke, the man paused to think, before speaking. For years, he had always been a thinker before a fighter, not to say he was weak, Not at all, but he’d rather think up a well planned strategy before going into battle, Meaning he was both Kind and Smart, always looking out for his comrades, and especially his former lover and now wife.

    “I was thinking of Satsujin. Haha, Just think Son, later on in Life you’ll be helping your Father Victor guide all the people in this land to freedom...” He spoke, the baby merely gave him a curious glance, making Victor chuckle in amusement.

    Guiding the People to Freedom, that was what Victor said, but he truly wondered how exactly he was going to accomplish such a task. The land seemed to be ruled by a Corrupted Government, with a branch being stationed where needed, all having the same mindset: Enslave the people to do their bidding, and even sell them off as slaves if need be. And for now, Victor wondered if he had the man power, or power itself, to fight off such a thing, despite his family being quite wealthy....

    “Victor-sama...!, We have trouble...!, The Imperial Guards were spotted on their way here...!” Spoke a man, who had suddenly stormed his way into the room, Victor bit his lip as he glared out the window, trying to think of what to do. Normally, normal guards and troopers barely put up a fight, with an occasional exception that gave them trouble, but the Imperial Guards, they were another story, they were some of the Governments best, and were only sent out on specific missions, otherwise they’d remain at the HQ, doing their duty of defending the base.

    “....Sir, if I may offer a solution...?” The man said, Victor glanced at him curiously.

    “Yes...?, Go on...”

    “....We are but simple “pawns”, if you will, And you and Kanna-sama are the King and Queen, It would be a great honor if we were to sacrifice ourselves so you can make your escape...” Victor’s eyes widened at such a request, he took a moment to think it over, before the man could request an answer, Victor merely gave him a grin.

    “I would hate to do that, but, if you do....Don’t go down without a fight, give them hell, Remember the Family Motto: “Never Surrender, Never be Overcome”, Got it...?“  The man saluted Victor in response, before running off, most likely to inform the other “Soldiers” gathered at their current location.

    “....Kanna, I would hate to request this, but, it’s probably cause of me that they keep finding us, I suggest we split up from here on, I’ll do my best to raise Satsujin into a powerful and responsible warrior, And we’ll crush these guys, I trust you to do the same with Satori, take on your family name and give it to her as well, remain in hiding for a while...” Victor spoke, Kanna’s eyes widened in alarm.

    “S-Split up...?!, But, Darling....!” The man held his hand towards her, signaling her that he won’t take “No” for an answer.

    “....Alright, but, please, be careful, if I ever lost you....”

    “I know, Kanna, I know....” With that, Victor called in a few more of his men, to prep two vehicles to make an escape in. One for himself and Satsujin, the other for his beloved wife Kanna, and Satori, little did he know, this plan would soon backfire for himself and his son....

    16 Year Timeskip.

    “Honestly, Johan, Have I not requested in the past to not push yourself...?” Came the gentle voice of a girl with long, waist-length dark grey hair, and gold eyes. The girl was dressed in a dark-teal dress, that had two, light blue cross-shaped markings on the collar with a red bow tied around the collar. On her arms were elbow length dark purple gloves that had frills on the top of them. The odd part to her appearance, was the Sclera of her eyes, they were black instead of white.

    “Ah, Satori-sama...!, Please, do not mind me, I was just-“ Her trusted butler Johan was cutoff as the girl held up her hand, silencing him.

    “I do not wish to hear it, Please do remember that, even though you work for me and Mother, You are still people, if you need help, simply ask for it...!” She spoke, the girl shut her eyes to concentrate, suddenly, the box Johan was attempting to lift and stack with the others, rose up off the ground by a Shadow-Formed hand, it vanished soon after it was put into place.

    “Really, I do not like the thought of making people do what can be done on one’s own, But, I am more than happy to share my family’s money with those that need it, which is why I treat you all with such respect despite being our butlers or maids...!” She spoke, the older man, most likely in his late 30's, simply laughed it off.

    “You do not need to give us that speech each time, M’lady....” He spoke, following after the girl as she started to walk away, the girl merely shrugged. For as long as he had known, Satori had been a kind, rational girl, not once had he seen her lose control of her anger and make rash decisions, or even raise her voice all that often, She reminded him of Victor at times...

    “‘Tis a habit, I suppose...” She replied. The man stopped and blinked, as if remembering something, it wasn’t uncommon for him to forget something, as it happened more often than not due to the work around the house, along with other things...

    “Oh, right, Satori-sama, Kanna-sama told me to tell you that, next time I saw you, to tell you she wanted to speak with you about something important...!” Satori sighed a little at his words, rolling her eyes.

    “Mother’s “Important” things are usually things that turn out not to be important...” She spoke, but decided that, like always, she would see what her mother wanted. After about a 10 minute walk, due to the size of the building they owned, She made it to her Mother’s “Office”, as she liked to call it, since this room seemed to be the place where she kept important things.

    “You called, Mother...?” She spoke up, smiling, but it faded, as she saw that her mother had a more serious look on her face, way more serious than her usual one’s.

    “Satori, I want you to know of something important, something I haven’t told you for 16 years, as I wanted you to be mature and ready for what I’m going to tell you......You have a Twin Brother, Satsujin....” Kanna spoke, Satori’s eyes were wide as she heard this news, normally she’d make a crack on how her mother must be pulling her leg, but given the look on her face, she seemed quite serious.

    “F-For real....?, I do...?, W-Where.....Where is he....?!” The girl’s expression changed from surprised to excitement rather quickly. Her mother merely gave her a sigh in return. Standing, the woman walked over to a map, scanning it over before tapping her finger on a location, a location not to far off from their own, she turned to her daughter before speaking again.

    “He is here, along with your father.....About 8 years ago, I got word that they.....and the village they were living in, had been captured and were sold off as slaves to the mines....” A sudden strong gust of wind interrupted Kanna, she saw the rare anger in her daughter’s eyes.

    “Sold.....AS SLAVES....?!” The girl gritted her teeth, at her feet, shadows seemed to form tentacle-like shapes and were slithering around on the ground as well, most likely her powers flaring up due to her anger, a utterance of “I’ll kill those bastards...” escaping her lips. Normally the girl had a cap on her anger, keeping it under control no matter how mad others would make her, but to hear her own brother and father were slaves, that by itself was enough to set her off, like a dam bursting, and her anger as the water flowing out.

    “Calm down, Kanna, I understand your rage, However, if you go alone, you to will be captured and forced to work there, and I just can’t lose you too....” She spoke, Satori’s rage seemed to cool as she saw the tears escape her mothers eyes.

    “Ok, so, What should we do then...?” She asked, it took a moment for Kanna to reply, but when she did, she looked confident.

    “Thanks to our tracker unit led by Kazuna, who is also an adept warrior, as you know, we have found the safest way possible into the mines, if you are caught, you are to offer them money in exchange for the slaves or the mine itself, if they do not accept.....You are allowed to use force to free them all” She spoke, Satori nodded, thankfully she herself was pretty smart, so a simple plan like this would be easy to remember.

    “When do we head out...?” She asked, the girl turned as soon as she heard the door opening, before her stood Johan in armor, with Kazuna standing next to him. The girl was greatly surprised to see her trusted butler in armor, but decided now was not the time to question it.

    “At anytime you’re ready, Satori-sama...!” Johan spoke, Kazuna merely gave a nod in agreement, she always figured Kazuna was the “Always serious” type, and she was right, as, like always, he had his serious look on, would it kill this guy to crack a smile....?.

    “Then let’s go now...!, We just can’t wait any longer...!” She spoke, running out the door, Kanna gave a little chuckle, and the two gave chase to her, a squad of others joining them when they heard Kazuna calling for them.

    “I take it we are merely going on a slaughtering spree...?” Kazuna spoke up, rather bluntly, Satori nodded.

    “Honestly I would wish to avoid it, but, treating people as slaves like they do, and with all I’ve heard about this corrupt government......I do not think I shall regret relinquishing these people-No, Demons, of their lives....” She replied, Kazuna merely gave a nod in response, Johan sweatdropped, Normally, he could tell that Satori didn’t approve of violence as a solution for one’s problems, but he guessed he could understand why she was making an exception this time. It wouldn’t take them long to arrive anyway.

    Timeskip, Next Day, the Mines...

    “Tch, How much longer are we gonna BE HERE....?!” Snapped a young man, slamming his fist into the wall, winching a bit from the pain. The man had light grey hair and blue eyes. He simply wore a slightly tattered and dirty Kimono top and dark gray pants. An older man next to him just sighed.

    “For as long as they have a use for us, Satsujin....” The man, obviously Victor, replied, Satsujin merely glared at the wall in response.

    “Do you really mean that....?!, What happen to “No Surrender, Never be Overcome”....?!, You stupid old man, we could stomp these jackasses into the ground and bust free...!, Did you really lose that much power....?!” He snapped a bit on the loud side.

    “Satsujin....!, Hush now don’t-Ugh!” A sudden hit to the neck from behind silenced the man, knocking him out, Satsujin receiving the same treatment, before they were dragged away, by two guards who had overheard them.

    A couple of hours later, Satsujin awoke, obviously tied up, with his Father sitting across from him, a few guards nearby.

    “About time you woke up brat....” One of them spoke, Satsujin merely gave the man a smirk of amusement.

    “A brat am I....?, At least I can safely say I don’t prove I’m gay by going Anal, Oops, I mean, Attacking from Behind like a chicken....” He laughed at the rage on the guards face.

    “Damn brat, we should just off this kid and be done with his smart mouth forever....!” The guard snapped, another one with dark blue hair sighed in response to this.

    “Control yourself, Ryu, you’re just giving him what he wants, if you really want to get back at him....” Suddenly, the dim lights that were on got brighter, revealing they were in the middle of a camp-like area where all the village slaves were allowed to sleep. The blue-haired guard that spoke, Rick, walked over to Victor, kicking the tied up man in the side, making him fall over.

    “You go after what he cares most about...And make him an example to the others...” He finished, he could hear the other guards chuckle and laugh in agreement, his eyes widened as, before his very eyes, the guards mercilessly beat and attacked his father before hie eyes.

    “Y-You cowards....!, Leave him alone dammit...!!” He snapped, Eventually, the beating stopped, but a man stood over his father, a sword at his chest.

    “I-If you kill me......you in turn will doom yourselves...” Were Victor’s final words, before the sword plunged into his chest, piercing the mans heart, Satsujin’s eyes widened and teared up all at once, as the life drained from his father.

    “Maybe that will teach you not to think of overthrowing us, Kid-“ The man was cut off as Satsujin let loose a roar of anger and sorrow, a smirk was on Victor’s face even after he was dead. A dark red, nearly invisible energy around Satsujin’s neck and wrists seemed to appear, before breaking apart, it was apparent that, some kind of seal or curse was placed on Satsujin by his father, to keep his power hidden, but now that he was dead, it was broken.

    “”Why does this shit, Keep happening TO ME....?!” He yelled, a blinding light shining around him, blinding the guards who did not have anything over their eyes, rocks from the ground floated up in front of him as he ripped himself free of the rope, the rocks molding together around his hands, and more towards his left arm, giving him fists and a shield made of solid stone, His power over the Light and Earth taking form.

    “T-The hell did this kid-“ Ryu was cut off by Satsujin’s rock-hand gripping his face, before forcefully slamming it into the ground, a spew of blood coming from the impact. He used his rock shield to block another guards blade, before he ran his fist through the soldiers chest, coming out of his back with his heart in hand, Satsujin crushing it before ripping his hand out.

    “Don’t you get cocky, Kid....!!” He heard, slamming his foot on the ground, a large boulder fell from the roof and slammed down onto the guard that was charging towards him, killing him instantly. His Kill-Streak soon ending when a guard, Rick, caught him off guard with a large hammer to the gut, knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying back a few feet, gasping for air, Rick stood over Satsujin, hammer lifted over his head.

    “I don’t know where the hell you got that power, but it’s pointless now, JOIN YOUR FATHER IN HELL RAT!!” Right as he swung the hammer, and right as Satsujin braced himself for the impact, a loud noise rang out, as if metal had hit metal, Satsujin opened his eyes, to see a dome-like black surface covered over most of him, mainly to block the hit.

    “”Join your father in Hell”...?, “Rat”...?, I believe those terms belong to you....” Came a female’s voice, the dome-like shape suddenly attached itself onto the hammer, creeping it’s way along the weapon, before even attaching and consuming Rick, the man screaming all the while.

    “You work as a guard in the darkness of a mine, do not tell me you’re scared of the dark....?” Came her voice again, Satsujin lay back in shock as he watched the man eventually disappear completely due to the shadows, even when they retreated, he saw nothing of the man, as if he had been eaten by the shadows. He blinked as the girl, showing herself to be Satori, walked over and in front of him, without even looking at him she spoke up.

    “What is the matter...?, Do you intend remain a slave for the rest of your life....?, Do not let Victor’s sacrifice be in vain...!, Stand and join me....” The girl turned and offered her hand, a smile on her teary-eyed face.

    “My dear brother Satsujin....!” He couldn’t help but be shocked at those words, Brother....?, he had a sister...?, And one with freaky eyes and shadow powers too..., Scowling, he accepted her offer and stood, the rocks solidifying around his hands and arm once more.

    “So, the old man didn’t bother to let me know I had a sister....?, Stupid old-“ Before he could finish, a slap to the face from Satori cut him off, the girl gave him an angry stare, normally it wouldn’t faze him, but goddamn her eyes....

    “Do not speak of father in such a way...!, He was a brave, kind man....!, I’m sure he had faith in you...!, Believed you could take them on at full power....!, You shouldn’t....” The girl sniffled, tears running down her face, the normally hard and moody Satsujin softened. She was right, he knew that, but he just couldn’t accept that his father was killed so easily, especially after all the stories his father told him, along with his father’s mastery over Fire. Gritting his teeth, he wiped the tears from his sisters face, surprising her by giving her a hug soon after.

    “Don’t cry now, Sis, Let’s teach these guys a lesson, And go wherever it is you live afterward, alright....?” He spoke, smiling a bit at her. Despite them being the same age, she noticed he was a couple inches taller than her. The girl returned the smile and nodded, turning to the remaining guards, who had apparently called in back-up from the rest of the mines, a foolish choice as it left the entrances unguarded.

    “Johan...!, Take some men and get the slaves out of here...!, Kazuna...!, You and the rest assist us in taking out the garbage...!, And Satsujin...!” She turned to her brother, a smile on her face.

    “Let’s kick ass, brother-sister style....!” He chuckled at just how lame that sounded.

    “It’s “Kick ass and take names”, Uh....?”


    “Right, Satori, Let’s kick ass and take names...!, Send others a message...!” With that, he charged forward, Johan and Kazuna splitting up to take on their respective roles, Satori stood in place, due to her powers being more suited for medium-long rage combat.

    “I shall handle their armor, Satsujin, you focus on hitting them after that...!” She spoke up, seeing her brother give her a thumbs up in response, she sighed and shut her eyes to concentrate. As Satsujin mowed down those without tough armor, Satori focused her power over the wind, melding it into small, sharp blades that hacked off the armor of the soldiers, leaving them vulnerable to Satsujin’s attacks.

    Truthfully, she could’ve been using that same power to help massacre the soldiers, but Satori never felt right in taking people’s lives, even if they were the enemy, but if she had to, like she did to that guard Rick, she wouldn’t slow herself down by hesitating. Every now and then, Satsujin’s eyes caught the sight of shadow-formed blades piercing through even the Armored soldiers, which only made him smirk.

    “She may have some creepy eyes, but Man can Sis kick ass....!” He spoke, giving a guard a hard enough punch that he quite literally knocked his head off of his shoulders, as the blood flew, and some of it covered part of Satsujin’s outfit, the Guards of the Mines dwindled in number, as more and more of the slaves escaped. Some Guards even tried to run for their lives, but a fissure opening up in the ground below them thanks to Satsujin, put an end to them, until there was one left, being wrapped up and trapped in Satori’s shadows, the girl moving ever closer to him.

    “Tell your boss this: He should rethink how him and his men run this country, for if they do not change their ways, they shall meet their Fate by the Light and the Dark......For Yin and Yang have returned....” She finished, letting him go as the man ran off in fear, Satsujin smirked as he stood next to her.

    “Yin and Yang huh....?, That sounds pretty cool....”

    “Actually, While we were traveling, Johan mentioned something about, every few hundred years, a pair of twins would be born as the embodiment of Yin and Yang....” She glanced herself and her brother over, giggling.

    “Well I guess it might be us, Due to my eyes and clothing choice, and my power over Shadows, I presume I would be Yin, and that would make you Yang...” She said, Satsujin shrugged, crossing his arms behind his head.

    “Guess so, say, we going home now...?, I really need a shower and a change of clothes...” He spoke, Rolling her eyes, but smiling anyway, she nodded

    ”Very well, Kazuna...!, We’re getting a few soldiers to escort us home...!, do me a favor and finish up here, Alright...?!” A nod was her answer, sighing at his lack of words, she walked with her brother out of the mines and into the fresh sunlight.

    “Ah the beautiful sunlight...!, I feel so much better now that I’m in it again...!” He spoke, blinking in curiosity, Satori spoke up.

    “So you feel more at home in sunlight...?, That is the opposite of me, I feel most at home in the Moonlight, or even in the dark itself...” She replied as they continued to walk back home, The two continuing to chat all the while, catching up on what was going on over the past years they were away, besides the obvious last 8 years on Satsujin’s side.

    Timeskip, Next Day, 7:09 PM.

    After a shower and a change of clothes, Satsujin flopped down on the bed in his room, enjoying the fact that he finally had a real bed to sleep in again, Satori sitting in a seat in the room, laughing to herself.

    “Heh, Such simple clothing you chose, brother...” She spoke. Compared to her more fancy-looking dress, his was rather normal. A light blue Kimono-top with dark-teal colored lining, a white one under it, tied by a grey sash, and dark grey pants. The boy in question gave a shrug in response. A knock at the two made him open one of his two eyes, Kanna walking in, her hands behind her back.

    “I know we have had our reunion already, but I wish to say again that, I am really happy you are back home, Satsujin, and, I’m sorry about Victor, I shall miss him too, But, for now...” She began to walk, first approaching Satori.

    “Hold out your hands, You too, Satsujin, for you are next...” Satori did as her mother asked. Kanna sat down a small sized, octagon-shaped, piece of metal that looked like a necklace in her hands. It was colored a dark yellow, and had a dark green inside, with the Yin part of the Yin-Yang symbol being easily visible.

    “That one is yours...” Kanna walked over to Satsujin, and gave him a similar one, except his was a lighter yellow, had a light brown instead of dark green, and had the Yang symbol on the inside, rather than Yin.

    “And that one is yours...” The woman walked back to the door, but didn’t leave, not wanting to leave her kids in confusion, she turned to face them.

    “Satori’s can be worn like a necklace, Satsujin’s is meant to work so it can be placed onto any piece of clothing he is wearing. They are proof of your awakenings, proof you are the incarnations of the legends, as the Symbols would not appear in them were you not. And as a bonus, as long as you have those with you, they can act as communicator’s, but only for you two, No one else, If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask...” She spoke, and with that, she bowed before wishing her kids Good Night and leaving.

    “Incarnations of legends, huh...?, Bitchin’!” He chuckled, giving him an annoyed look, Satori sighed.

    “Do not become cocky, Dear Brother, despite out victory today, ‘Tis but a small one, as we have not truly won until the Corrupted Government has been overthrown, and the people can live in freedom once more....” She spoke, but gave him an angry look when he started laughing.

    “What is so funny....?!” She snapped, breaking character, making him chuckle a bit more before responding.

    “”’Tis”....?, “Overthrown and live in peace once more”....?, Sheesh Sis, you make it sound like one of those old fairy tales, I KNOW it’s not gonna be easy, but if it was, it just wouldn’t be fun” He stopped, holding his hands up in defense.

    “Fighting them I mean....!, I have fun fighting and beating a challenging opponent is what I mean...!, I don’t get off on killing...!” He spoke, giggling, his sister stood from her seat, walking to the door.

    “I see, Heh, Well all I can say is, just be careful and keep training, that is what Kazuna and Johan seem to be doing, despite me having no knowledge of Johan being part of the Rebellion.......Oh well, good night, Dear brother, sleep well...” With that, she left and shut his door, leaving the boy by himself, staring at the ceiling.

    “Guess it’s only begun then.......But man Sis needs some sunglasses or something....Those things can be creepy at times....”.

    Annnnd that's that, even though it looks like it could continue at the end, I kinda doubt I could continue it, I'm not really that good on keeping stories going, as unlike my father, my brain doesn't seem to be built for it....

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    Satori & Satsujin's Backstory. Empty Re: Satori & Satsujin's Backstory.

    Post by Ayai-chan on Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:50 pm

    Wow, this is pretty different compared to what you've written before, Yuj. I like it. XD


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