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    Wynn & Wynnda are Sisters, Erial's a Orphan, and Noellia isn't willingly Corrupt......

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    Wynn & Wynnda are Sisters, Erial's a Orphan, and Noellia isn't willingly Corrupt......

    Post by Yuji on Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:45 pm

    I found this on the  Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki's Trivia section, so I dunno if it's 100% confirmed or not, but this is all I've found so far:

    Wynn & Wynnda:
    According to the Duel Terminal Master Guide, "Winda, Priestess of Gusto" is her older sister, and "Windaar, Sage of Gusto" is her father. She disliked being bound by her family lineage and left for the outside world. She doesn't have "Gusto" Crests in her eyes, and she's familiar with "Dragons". In Master Guide 2, she came from the first "Duel World", not "Terminal World".

    While all four Elemental Spirit Charmers carry one or two vials in their coat pocket, Wynn is the only to carry another object besides, which happens to be a stuffed bunny doll.

       This could be a memento of her family since her sister, "Winda", also has a stuffed bunny doll in her coat pocket.

    According to the Duel Terminal Master Guide, "Ariel" was an orphan from the rampage of "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" during the war with the "Fabled", and was taken in by "Gishki Noellia" as depicted in "After the Storm".

    Noellia, and as a result, Emilia's "Fate" and some story:
    "Gishki Noellia" is the leader of the "Gishki" tribe and a former member of the "Ice Barrier" tribe. She plays an integral role in the events of the "Duel Terminal" world's story. These events include:

    "Noellia" along with "Gishki Natalia" attempted to summon and control the sealed away "Steelswarm" demons in "Trial and Tribulation" in an attempt to stop the "Fabled" during the Great War. They failed to control them which resulted in the death of "Natalia" (who became a Spirit monster) and "Noellia" becoming possessed by the evil spirit of the "Steelswarm".

    After the first "Duel Terminal" war against the "Fabled" ended, "Noellia" took in and cared for the orphaned children as pictured in "After the Storm".

    "Noellia" began to become corrupted by the evil spirit and began researching forbidden magic and rituals. She along with some of those children would later form the "Gishki" tribe.

    The ritual forced upon her daughter "Gishki Emilia" to turn her into "Evigishki Gustkraken" ("Aquamirror Illusion");

    Her transformation into "Evigishki Tetrogre" ("Forbidden Arts of the Gishki") and

    The alliance with the "lswarm" tribe, which led to her transformation into a "Gishki"-"lswarm" hybrid monster ("Creeping Darkness" and "Gishki Psychelone").

    However, when "Noellia" is freed from the evil spirit, she redeems herself by using the remainder of her power to revive "Gishki Emilia" ("Aquamirror Cycle") and by protecting "Gishki Emilia" and "Gishki Avance" by defeating "Gishki Zielgigas" in "Spell Wall".

    So I'm assuming there was no "nuke the world" thing this time like with Trishula (Albeit for Erial to be an Orphan, Maybe Trishula nuking the world was an exaggeration....?), And perhaps Erial and Wynnda, and a few others, survived this war, and apparently Emilia was resurrected to, Unless I'm missing part of the story somewhere that says otherwise........But eh, I'm just hoping this "War" ended without everyone dying........

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