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    Backstory (Obako & Dokuhebi)

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    Backstory (Obako & Dokuhebi) Empty Backstory (Obako & Dokuhebi)

    Post by Yuji on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:08 pm

    Meh, Just something I thought up while listening to "This is Halloween" the other night, and as I thought about it, more ideas flowed into my head, so I just decided to make this XP.

    For those who are unfamiliar. This is Dokuhebi, the Reptile/"Snake" Charmer. And This is Obako, the Zombie/"Ghost" Charmer.

    “That one’s not right either.......Dammit!” A loud echo thumped as the owner of the voice slammed their hands on the wooden table, effectively knocking over the potions and other things scattered across it, The owner was a familiar pink and purple-haired, purple eyed girl with a snake tattoo on her cheek, Dokuhebi.

    “Will I ever find the right mixture....?, Hell I’ve even been using Kouji’s Supercomputer, but nothing is coming up yet.....” The girl gritted her teeth, Picking up a vial, the girl was about to throw it at the nearest wall out of rage, but decided not to, instead placing it back on the table.

    “....I knew it was forbidden to mix that herb with other herbs back then, But.....


    “BOO!” A loud scream was heard shortly after this, Doriado, from her room, merely sighed as she heard the scream, but smiled slightly, going right back to writing in a scroll while muttering “Kids will be kids....”.

    “Jeez, Sakura, please quit jumping out in front of me like that....” came a soft, quiet voice, one belonging to a girl with long, pink, flat-ended hair and red-eyes, wearing a simple white coat and orange shirt, along with a gray skirt.

    “Hehehe, Sorry Momoko, I just find it, like, so fun to jump out and scare people like that....!” was her reply from her twin, Sakura, a girl with long, spiky red-hair and pink eyes, wearing a zipped-up blue shirt and black shorts.

    “I-I know you do, but, please, not on me, Ok....?” Momoko pleaded, and as always, Sakura gave in, muttering a “Fine” under her breath, Sakura was always week to her sisters requests.

    “Hey, what say we go and see if Big Sis will buy us some ice cream...?” Sakura offered, Momoko got a look of joy on her face, and eagerly nodded in agreement.

    “It’s settled then, To Juri’s room...!” Sakura ran off ahead of her sister, Momoko blinked in surprise, but quickly gave chase to her sister, Shouting out a “Wait for me!”.

    Juri’s Room.

    “Just a small drop of this........Add a tea-spoons worth of that.....Done...!” came the voice of the girl known as Juri, a pink-haired, purple-eyed girl, in a dark green, charmer-like jacket, a gray shirt underneath it, and wearing a purple skirt, In other words, she looked almost exactly like Dokuhebi.

    “Hey Sis...!, Will ya take us for Ice Cream?!” the door suddenly slammed open, along with Sakura shouting her request for Ice Cream. Juri jumped in surprise, nearly making her drop the bottle she was holding.

    “C’mon!, At least knock or enter more normally....!, Jeez, if I drop and break a bottle with this stuff in it, who knows what could happen...?!” Juri snapped at her younger sister, who only gave her a nervous grin in return.

    “H-Hehe, Whoops, So......Will ya....?” She asked again, Juri simply sighed, and placed her bottle of......whatever it was, in the night stand next to her bed.

    “Alright, Alright, But can you at least try to be more careful when coming into my room?, You know what I do in here.....” Juri walked towards the bedroom door. Sakura grinned, while Momoko slapped her hand over her face, sensing her twins bad joke coming.

    “Yeah, Thinking of Dharc-san or Kaos-san all day....~” As soon as those words left her lips, She darted away. Juri heated up as red as a tomato, giving chase to her sister right afterwards.

    “I DO NO SUCH THING!, YOU KNOW DAMN WELL I MEANT THE POTIONS!” Juri shouted while chasing her, Momoko only sighed and shut her sisters door, chasing after the two.

    2 Hours Later, Juri’s room.

    “Mmm!, Ice Cream is the best on, well, Any day...!” Sakura spoke as she walked up the stairs, her destination, her Sisters room, deciding it was best to apologize for what she said earlier.

    “Yo Sis!, I came to apolog-Hm?, not here...?” Sakura blinked in confusion as she walked into her sisters room, Normally, Juri would be in her room, mixing together all types of things, making new potions each day, some good, some bad, some just weird, But the good ones she made, she seemed to keep track of and write down, Sakura noted, as she walked past the dresser with a notebook on it, The title on the top of the page saying “Good Results”.

    “Heh, Maybe Juri-nee could be a potion seller in the future instead of a Snake Charmer?” She muttered, glancing around the room. Hearing the shower on, Sakura figured she was in her rooms bathroom, Sakura shrugged, deciding to apologize later.

    “Now where did she, Aha!” Sakura yanked open the night stand, grinning as she saw the vial full of purple liquid, Sakura seemed to drool a bit.

    “P-Purple......Maybe it’s grape flavored...?!” in the blink of an eye, Sakura snatched the vial and ran out of the room with it towards the kitchen. A couple of minutes later, Juri walked out of her bathroom, in a green tank-top and white shorts.

    “Alright, Back to wo-Huh?!” The girl stopped in her tracks, eyes wide, as she saw her night stand open, she quickly dashed over to it, slamming her fist on it when she saw the vial was missing.

    “That damn......You idiot!” Juri turned and ran out of her room, hoping to stop her younger sister from drinking it.

    “Hehehehe, If it’s Grape Flavored, it’s all mine....!!” Sakura spoke to herself, pouring the liquid into a cup.

    “Um, S-Sakura?, what’re you doing....?” Sakura nearly jumped at the voice of her twin behind her.

    “M-Momoko....!, You almost gave me a heart attack!, Here, Try Sis’ new drink with me...!” Sakura quickly filled a second cup, handing it out to her sister.

    “E-Eh....?!, B-But, won’t Onee-chan get m-mad at us, for t-taking it....?”

    “Hell naw...!, We’re just testing it for her to see what it does...!, Besides, It might be Grape...!”

    “Or it might turn you into one....” Momoko muttered.


    “Oh, Nothing....!” Momoko held her hands up in defense, laughing nervously, Sakura shrugged, and gave her the cup anyway. They both paused, blinking, as they heard the sounds of footsteps rushing down the stairs.

    “Uh-Oh, Party Pooper’s coming!, Drink it now...!” Sakura instructed, Momoko nodded slowly, both drinking the liquid down, just as Juri came into the room.

    “You idiots don’t drink th-!” Before she could finish, the liquid was gone, now inside of her sisters stomach’s, Juri watched as her sisters started to groan in pain, Sakura holding her head while Momoko was holding her stomach.

    “Ugh, Definitely NOT Grape-Flavored.....I-I feel so weird....” Sakura spoke, Her and Momoko slowly walking closer towards each other.

    “J-Just hold on, I’ll go get Sensei and-“ Before she could even move, Sakura and Momoko started to glow, Juri watched on in horror, as Sakura and Momoko were suddenly pulled towards the other, a scream of pain being let out as they slammed into each other.

    “J-Juri-nee....!, H-Help....!”

    “P-Please.....O-Onee-chan....!” The twins begged for help from their frozen sister, their pleas snapped her out of whatever shock she was in, and drove her to run towards the two, but right as she was about to grab their arms, a shockwave sent Juri flying back into the wall, the girl gasped in pain, glancing over at her sisters, who seemed to disappear in a sudden flash of light.

    “S-Sakura...!, Momoko...!, A-Answer me-“ Juri gasped in surprise, when the light faded, her sisters were gone, and in their place, was a girl with half, flat pink and half spiky red hair, her eyes were Red and Pink, but on opposite ends in comparison to her hair. The girl was wearing a orange shirt and black shorts, the girl rubbed her hand and glanced around.

    “W-Where am I....?, W-Who am I....?” the girl glanced at Juri, now free from the wall.

    “W-Who’re you....?” Juri’s eyes snapped fully open, feeling like her heart had just been stabbed and crush by a giant, tears welled up in her eyes as she came to the realization, Her sisters were gone, and it had all been her fault for not locking up that potion like she would all her others. Juri bit her lip and held back tears, instead wanting to answer the girl.

    “O-Obako, you’re name is Seirei Obako, A-And, I’m........Jadoku Dokuhebi....” Originally, Seirei was her, Sakura and Momoko’s family name, but now, Juri couldn’t bring herself to say she’s this girls sister, instead, She let her keep that name.

    Afterwards, Juri had told Doriado everything while Her Sis, Er, Obako, was kept entertained by Wynn and Eria. Doriado was left in shock and sadness, but not once did she seem angry, apparently understanding it was all an accident, But to Juri, it was all her Fault, she just couldn’t forgive herself for such a simple and stupid mistake....

    From that day onward, Obako was trained to be the Ghost, er, Zombie Charmer, in place of the Twins Sakura and Momoko, Doriado had gathered her students and told them all of the predicament, most reacted in shock, sadness, or just surprise, none seemed to get angry, well, not at Juri herself, anyway. Juri, though, had decided to rename herself and live on as that, Calling herself the “Poison Snake”, As well as dyeing part of her hair purple, as well as constantly wearing purple gloves, the usual color of Poison, as if saying she herself was poisonous, As well as adding the Kanji’s for “Curse” onto her shirt, a constant reminder of the mistake she made.

    Present Day

    “I never knew why those Herbs were Forbidden to be mixed together with, Now though....I know all to well why” She glanced back at the many smaller monitors surrounding the large monitor in the center, Smiling in a almost sad manner, as she saw Obako, and a couple of the Ghostrick run by, chasing a few villagers who were obviously running from fright.

    “I’ll cure you as soon as possible, Sakura, Momoko.....”


    “Bwahahahaha....!, Look at ‘em run....!” Came the half-pink/half-red-head’s voice, her equally red and pink eyes watching the three villagers run away from the “Haunted Mansion”.

    “Haha!, You had a great idea with that sign, Oba-chan...!” spoke the voice of a young looking, blonde-haired witch girl, the Ghostrick Witch.

    “Hehe, I told you a “Free Sushi” sign would get people to come inside, Stella....!” Obako responded, a big, goofy grin on her face, the two continued to talk as they walked, er, floated, back to the Mansion.

    “W-Welcome back....Oba-chan, Stella....” The soft voice of a young girl came as the two entered the house, The two looked towards the door on the right, the Ghostrick Yuki-Onna, was peering around the corner, in a rather timid manner.

    “Ah, Tsurara...!, Ya don’t have to hide, come on out...!” The girl, Tsurara, shook her head at that, as if scared, the two wore a look of confusion on their faces, It wasn’t till Tsurara pointed behind them that they knew why, they both turned and saw the master of the mansion standing behind them, Ghostrick Alucard, wearing a rather annoyed expression.

    “Have I not told you guys to NOT wander outside of the mansion.....?, Obako is the only exception since she doesn’t live here....!, The whole point to scaring people, is to make others think the ones we scared are crazy, if everyone see’s you in broad daylight, You’re not gonna fool ANYONE anymore....!” He snapped, Obako and Stella both hung their heads, muttering a “Sorry”, Alucard sighed a bit.

    “Honestly you guys are all so noisy and out of control, just once I’d like a nice nap in my coffin, without having to worry about you all getting caught....” Alucard spoke as he walked away, deeper into the mansion.

    “He is kinda right, maybe we should.....um, control ourselves sometimes....?” Came a soft, male voice, Ghostrick Kyonshee, or, “Kyo”, as Obako nicknamed him,  slowly walked into the room, with Ghostrick Stein following behind him.

    “Kyo right, Master maybe want rest once in while.....” The much larger man spoke, Obako couldn’t help but giggle, she always found his way of talking kinda funny.

    “Alright, alright, So, Who’s up for Video Games instead?!” Obako flew off into the Mansion’s living room, her Ghostly powers allowing her to phase through the walls, Stella let out a low growl.

    “Obako......flying through the walls is cheating...!, Get back here!” The little witch flew after her, Obviously having to take the doors though, Tsurara let out a small giggle.

    “I-It’s......been a little more fun, s-since Oba-chan arrived.....” She spoke, the other two couldn’t help but nod in agreement to what she said.

    “Yeah, it’s.......not so lonely anymore.....”.

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