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    Backstory (Rakune).

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    Backstory (Rakune). Empty Backstory (Rakune).

    Post by Yuji on Wed May 08, 2013 8:36 am

    Meh, Nowhere near as good as my Father in writing, most times I just don't care enough to write since I suck at it, but eh, guess I'll get Rakune, Yuji's past life, backstory out of the way.

    Many, Many years ago, In the days of old, long before the concept of Card Games existed, back when both Humans and Demons ruled and fought over the lands, Existed Two Kings, one who was bent on taking over the lands, and the other who fought to protect the lands freedom, One known as The Supreme King, Haou, the other Rakune.

    One was kind and strong, and would bravely lead his men into battle, fighting to protect others, sometimes having a magician aid him. The other was pure evil, having command over a large army, Strong enough to conquer multiple villages in one day, quite the powerful foe, whom himself was stronger than all the others. This, however, will be a back story involving the King Rakune.

    Rakune’s Castle, 10:00 AM.

    “Rakune, Dear...?, Ah, Here you are...” spoke the soft voice of a young woman, one with long white hair, blue-eyes and wearing a black dress and long purple gloves., what stood out was that she had a black star on her forehead The man she spoke of, was on one knee in their bedroom, having just put on metal boots.

    “Ah, Asakura, is there something you require before me and my men leave...?” He responded. Rakune was a man with short, dark blue hair, and red and blue eyes, his however were odd in that they were half-and-half in color. Currently he was suited up in metal armor, a sword strapped to his waist. He to had a black star on his forehead.

    “Ah, No, I just simply wanted to wish you good luck and a safe trip” She replied, a kind smile on her face, Asakura was the young wife of Rakune, the young lord of the castle they lived in, along with Rakune’s younger sister, Lucia.

    “Hm, I appreciate it, Asakura, Don’t worry, It’s a small village, we’ll be fine” He said, walking over to his wife and placing a kiss on her cheek, Afterwards he bid her farewell and left the castle, going to round up his men.

    “So, Rakune left to conquer another village, huh...?” spoke a younger voice, Asakura turned and saw a young, blond-haired girl, she had red and blue-eyes, and wore a blue-dress and had a white crown on her head.

    “Ah, Lucia-chan. Yes, I do believe that is what he will be doing...” she replied, Lucia sighed slightly, as if the thought annoyed her.

    “First Haou goes around taking over the land, then Rakune goes and copies him, Jeez, To think they were friends as kids....” Lucia said, shaking her head slightly, Asakura sighed in response to that, the normally kind woman looking annoyed.

    “Haou wishes to conquer the world for some reason, Rakune......he conquer’s villages that Haou took over, so he may free those villages, Rakune has no desire to take over the world, add to that he only kill’s those who are truly evil and deserving of it...” Asakura explained, Lucia sighed again, looking off to the side.

    “.....Still, Rakune has power since his men so loyally follow him, and he has you, a Magician, by his side, what’s to stop that power from going to his head one day....?” After that, Lucia walked away from Asakura, Asakura just watched the girl walk away, thinking over what she said.

    Village Just to the south, 4 hours later, 2:00 PM.

    “....B-Bastards......Haou-sama.......won’t forgive this b-betrayal....!” Spoke the dying soldier, His lifeless corps fell to the ground as Rakune removed his sword from the mans stomach.

    “Betrayal...?, Hmph, it is he who has betrayed everyone else...” He spoke, taking out a cloth to wipe the blood from his blade, sheathing it afterwards. Rakune turned around, his men behind him, he gave the crowd a confident smile.

    “Victory is ours, Men, The village has been freed of Haou’s control, Now, let us return to my home, I shall have my Chef’s prepare a feast for us” His men all cheered in agreement, Some lifting their weapons into the air. After being thanked by the villagers, Rakune led his men back home, unaware of the man watching him from one of the tree’s.

    “Tch, That Damn Rakune, How dare he just swoop in and murder us all....?!, I swear I’ll get my revenge on him, I’ll make him suffer first though.....THEN I’ll kill him....” the man chuckled darkly, a wide grin on his face, as he leapt out of the tree’s, off to plan Rakune’s murder.

    Rakune’s Castle, 3 hours later, 5:00 PM.

    After having freed a village, Rakune had led his men back to his castle, and held a large feast to their victory, Rakune sat at the head of the large dining room table, dressed in his casual clothes, which just consisted of black pants, and a kimono-top for a shirt, however he wore it in a way which left his right arm and part of his chest uncovered. He lifted his glass to the air before he spoke.

    “Men, That is another village freed from Haou’s control, I would like to thank Johan for informing me of the villages location, and thank you all for assisting me” He spoke, setting his glass down before speaking again.

    “I do not know what has become of Haou, when we were little, he was a close friend of mine, Now though, He has become bent on taking over the world, constantly sending his men to take over villages and rule them with an iron fist, it is our duty to re-take these villages, and allow them to be set free....” He took a small breather before continuing.

    “When we free enough people to locate him, we will then move to attack Haou himself, However, I would rather not kill him, Rather, I’d wish to snap him out of whatever control he is under......But if worst comes to worst.......”

    “Just kill him...!” Came Lucia’s voice, Rakune turned in his seat to look at his younger sister, eyes wide in surprise.

    “If you let him live, what’s to stop him from regaining whatever power he has, and trying to take over the world again....?, No offense brother but people like you need to learn, that Killing people like him is the only way to truly stop them...!” She snapped, glaring at the older man, whom sighed in response, looking away from his kid sister.

    “Lucia, I appreciate the advice, But I will do this my way” He responded, the girl merely gritted her teeth in response.

    “Your way will get you KILLED!” She snapped, storming off, Rakune sighed, he was about to get up to go after her, but Asakura’s hand on his shoulder stopped him, he glanced up at her curiously, she merely shook her head, smiling.

    “She is just worried, Dear, You are her only sibling after all, ever since Lu-chan ran off, She’ll calm down later...” Rakune nodded at her words, sighing again before turning back to the table, remembering his men were there, he laughed nervously.

    “I apologize for my sisters attitude, Let us continue our Meal....”

    At that same time, Unknown Location, 5:00 PM.

    “HAH!, I can’t believe YOU and your men were beaten so easily...!!, What a worthless weakling...,!, HA!, Why does Haou-sama even let you stay in his army?!” Laughed a demon, his laugh echoed in the cave, the pale, dark-haired man he was laughing at growled dangerously at him.

    “Tch, I wouldn’t have lost if those goddamn goblins you gave me weren’t so damn weak...!, His soldiers were experienced in fighting, it’s no wonder they lost...!!” He snapped, deciding further arguing would prove useless, he turned and stomped off, ignoring the other demons laughter.

    “I’ll kill him, I swear, I’ll kill him and bring his damn army to their knee’s...!!” he muttered to himself, blinded by rage, so much so he didn’t look where he was going, and smacked into someone else.

    “Dammit, watch where you’re going demon...!” came a voice, a woman’s voice, The pale man glared up at the woman, she had pink, short hair and red eyes, a scar over her face, and wore a tattered red shirt and black shorts, the man’s eyes widened when he saw a familiar tattoo on her chest.

    “You.......Who the hell are you...?!” He demanded, the woman just narrowed her eyes at him.

    “Lu, Now move it de-“ She was cut off as the man grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into a tree, his eyes glaring daggers into her.

    “Lu.....You’re related to that DAMN Rakune....!, Where is he...?!, Where does he live...?!” he shouted, he released the woman so she could speak, she was going to reach for the knives in her pockets, but the glare he was giving her, and the look in his eyes made her think otherwise.

    “Tch, In a castle, About a days trip walking distance west from here....” She answered, normally she wouldn’t sell out others, but, she was sure she would have died had she not answered, the man gave a wicked grin before running off. Lu wiped the blood from her mouth, stood, and walked off.

    Rakune’s Castle, 12:30 AM

    Asakura sat and looked up at the moon, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so it was easy to see the full moon and the stars. Asakura glanced back at the door that led to her and Rakune’s bedroom.

    “Rakune, Dear, come here and join me....” She spoke, Rakune walked out a couple minutes later and sat next to his wife, whom smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

    “Ah, If only moments like these could last forever.....” Rakune chuckled at her words.

    “Heh, We’re still young, Honey, we’ll have many more nights like these, Now, care to join me for a walk around the garden....?” He stood and offered her his hand, she happily took it and stood, and joined her husband in a walk, she immediately wrapped her arms around his arm, leaning her head on his shoulder again as they walked.

    “Dear, you know you can call on me for help in taking over Haou’s villages, I am not afraid to assist you in battle...” She spoke, he nodded slightly, smiling a bit over at her.

    “I know, But I can’t risk your life in battle, Asakura, After all, You excel in Magic, but if someone were to get the jump on you, I’m sure you’d lose in hand-to-hand” At her husbands words, Asakura sighed a little, and held up her hand, on her glove was a yellow circle with a red gem in it, it lit up, as a blue barrier suddenly formed around the two, she gave him a confident grin.

    “I am confident in my defensive powers, After all, you’re our best swordsman, and even you can’t break through my barriers, even the demons Lucia-chan brings under her control cannot shatter this barrier....” She replied, he chuckled in response, holding up his hands as her barrier went down. Asakura’s barriers were indeed known to be very powerful, however, they were not perfect, a demon or person with enough power could shatter it.

    “Alright, I admit defeat my fair queen...!” he said, which made her giggle in return, Rakune suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at one of the nearby tree’s in the garden.

    “We are aware of your presence, show yourself....”Rakune fully turned to the tree as he said this.

    “Tch, Should’ve known I couldn’t hide from you and your bitch mate” Said a male voice, the man jumped down from the tree, the man with pale-gray skin and black hair, along with red, slitted eyes.

    “It’s obvious you’re a demon, But, Might I ask who you are....?” it was Asakura who questioned him, the man just glared at her in return.

    “I have no business with you yet skank, My business is with this pile of garbage in front of me...” his voice was full of malice, yet as he said those words, he could hear Rakune place his hand on his sword that he almost always had by his side, this made the demon smirk.

    “I see, my insulting of others is what gets to you, rather than my previous idea of trying to insult you yourself, Rakune....” He spoke, Rakune simply nodded in return, his oddly colored eyes glaring at the pale man.

    “Then I shall ask, who are you and what business do you have with me...?” the man growled at Rakune’s question.

    “My name is Jyushin, I serve under Haou-sama, However, I am here to get revenge.....that army you and your men slaughtered earlier.....Some of my family was in there, Yet your men showed no mercy when you cut them all down....!” Rakune flinched at his words.

    “I was unaware of that, However, I have taught my men, that they need to be prepared to kill if the enemy refuses to back down, I would say it is their fault for not knowing when to surrender, as we would’ve spared them then, but that would make me sound like a Villain then, would it not...?”

    The man gritted his teeth in response, rushing Rakune, attempting to slash him with his claws, only for Rakune to quickly draw his blade to block his attack.

    “Screw your damn excuses...!!, If Haou-sama found out we were shown MERCY, or PITY, by the enemy, I’m sure he would’ve slaughtered us himself or had his Generals do it....!, so to hell with your idea of Mercy...!!” He swung his other hand around at him, only for Rakune to duck it, and slam the top of his sword into his gut, knocking the wind out of him, following it up with a punch to the head, hard enough to knock him to the ground.

    “I mean no offense, but you seem to be lacking in the Melee Department, you cannot beat me in that respect. I give you one chance, you may leave and I’ll forget about this, Honestly I’d rather not kill you, since I feel you don’t deserve death, since you’re acting on pure revenge and hatred....” Jyushin merely growled at the thought, his anger made his horns start to grow, and his claws become longer and a tail to appear.

    “Like hell.....I’d just walk away......I’m NOT SCARED OF YOU....!!” He snapped, immediately shooting up and attempting to lunge at Rakune, only for him to step to the side, kneeing him in the stomach, following it up my slamming his fists into his back, knocking him to the ground again.

    “DAMMIT....!, Why can’t I.....Of course....” His glare switched from Rakune to Asakura, whom this whole time had been standing off to the side watching. He had heard that the king had a Magician by his side, so he came to the conclusion that she must be supporting him somehow. Using his speed, he quickly dashed and lunged at Asakura, much to Rakune’s surprise and shock.

    “.....Fire Spirit: Burst...” Asakura mumbled, holding an open palm in his direction, much to his shock a large burst of fire shot out of her hand and slammed into the left side of his face, Jyushin screamed in pain as he collapsed to the ground, clutching his burning face, Asakura looked down at him quite coldly.

    “I would heed his advice, young man, My husband may show you mercy, I however have none for you wretched demons, If you do not leave now, You’ll get something much worse than that scar I just gave you.....” Although he didn’t know why, Her threat sent chills down his spine, he hurried to his feet and ran off as quick as he could, muttering various curses under his breath, sure that the woman would hold up on her end of the deal.

    “E-Ehehe, L-Let’s go back inside, Asakura, it’s time we went to bed for t-the night, ok....?” Rakune spoke nervously, Asakura’s gentle and happy smile returned as she looked over at him, she nodded and latched onto his arm again, walking with him back into the house.

    “Alright, but tell me, Rakune, when will we have a little Prince or Princess....?, I’m sure Hana wants someone to play with....~” She spoke, Rakune only gulped nervously as they entered their room and shut the outside door, Asakura giggling at his nervousness.

    Outside the Castle

    Jyushin continued muttering curses, splashing water from a pond onto his face until he felt the burn fading, he looked at his reflection in the water, there would indeed be a permanent scar on his face, which only angered him further.

    “Kill.....I’ll kill them both, All of them will die.......I’ll increase my strength, then I’ll kill him, I’ll kill EVERYONE who dares to mock me....!!” he yelled out in anger, slamming his fist into the ground, glaring still at the scar on his face in the reflection. He didn’t know how long it would take, nor did he care, he just knew, one day, he’d make the man suffer a slow, painful death...

    Hell, I dunno if that past Jaden even became the Supreme King or not, guess he did in this one, otherwise, I'd have little to no idea how to write this >_>. Funny considering I'm getting idea after idea on Emi's "past", although the rules of Time Travel is making it so damn confusing >_>.

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